The Trifect, Northwest Passage, Baffin Island and Greenland
14 Days 11 - 24 AUG 2018

This iconic voyage explores the remote Northwest Passage
and stunning fjords of the Baffin Island coastline before crossing
Baffin Bay to Greenland where we will marvel at the beauty of
the icebergs calving off of the Greenland icecap. We follow in the
footsteps of the early Arctic explorers. Wildlife is a major draw
card of our expedition, but there is plenty of historical interest too.

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    August, September

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    Cruise, Nature and Wildlife, History and Culture

“The sense of history and exploration was all around us. There was a real frontier feel and the whole experience was amazing.”

R & J Watson
Melbourne, 2015


Yellowknife, in  northern Canada, is one of the world’s best Northern Lights/Aurora Borealis viewing areas. And, August and September are two of it’s best months.
it is just 2hrs by plane north of Edmonton, so really is a ‘must do’ if you are in the area.
Prices for a 3 night package start at $990 per person, with a free city tour, accommodation, transfers and 3 nights Aurora chasing with the most amazing tour guide you wil ever meet.
Ask us about adding this to your trip.


Arrive in Edmonton for transfer to your hotel.

We depart Edmonton on a charter flight to
Cambridge Bay, a remote outpost above the
Arctic Circle. Located on the southern shores
of Victoria Island. Enjoy a walking tour of the
town and then board our expedition ship, the
Akademik Ioffe. Excitement is in the air as we
enjoy a welcome cocktail and cast off, bound for
the fabled Northwest Passage.

As we chart a course into the Northwest
Passage, our onboard presentation series
begins and we delve into the tale of the Franklin
expedition and the mystery of what happened.
We aim to visit Victory Point, travelling very near
the actual location of the wreck of HMS Erebus,
while learning about the quest for exploration that
eventually opened up the Arctic. Experts agree
that the second of Franklin’s lost ships, HMS
Terror, is likely to be in this vicinity.

Arriving at Conningham Bay we find one of the
most remarkable wildlife sites in the Arctic. A
hotspot for polar bears who come here to feast
on Beluga whales.

Today we transit the narrow passage of Bellot
Strait. The mixing of waters in this strait provides
an abundant food source for marine mammals,
and we will keep our eyes peeled for harp seals,
bearded seals and even polar bears.

Beechey Island is of great historic importance. It
is here that Sir John Franklin’s ill-fated expedition
spent its last ‘comfortable’ winter in 1845 before
disappearing into the icy vastness. A trip ashore
at Beechey Island to visit the grave markers on
a remote windswept beach gives one pause
to wonder on the bravery (or foolhardiness) of
these pioneering explorers, as they sought a way
through the barren, frozen landscape.

Cruising the coastline of Devon Island, we are
now in the waters of Lancaster Sound – a rich,
bio-diverse region often referred to as the wildlife
‘super highway’ of the Arctic. Massive volumes
of water from Baffin Bay to the east, Beaufort Sea
to the west, and the archipelago of islands to the
north combine to make a rich cocktail of nutrients
supporting an abundance of Arctic wildlife.

We sight the wild north coast of Baffin Island
and navigate through Navy Board Inlet. The vast
landscapes of Sirmilik National Park surround us
as we approach the remote Inuit community of
Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet). A highlight will be a visit
to the Natinnak Centre. We also enjoy meeting
the local children of Mittimatalik and marveling at their athletic abilities as they demonstrate
traditional Inuit games.

This morning we enter the spectacular Gibbs
Fjord. Our expedition ship will be dwarfed by the
giant peaks and snowy glaciers as we cruise
along the dark waters.

Leaving the rugged coastline of Baffin Island,
our crossing of Baffin Bay allows us time to slow
down and reflect on the beauty and experiences
we have shared.

If one word could sum up today’s experience it
would be ‘ice’. Truly one of the wonders of the
world, the Jacobshavn Icefjord – a UNESCO
World Heritage site – spews giant tabular
icebergs out into Disko Bay. Our Captain and
officers are skilled ice navigators and our ship
has one of the highest ice ratings of any vessel
exploring Arctic waters.

We will explore the fjord behind the town of
Sisimiut before going ashore to explore this
beautiful location. Characterized by colourful
local houses, the town features a towering
granite peak as a backdrop. We hope to meet a
few of the traditional Greenlandic kayakers and
to see a demonstration of ‘Eskimo rolling’ by one
of the former Greenland kayak champions.

One of the world’s longest fjords, Sondre
Stromfjord towers above the ship as we sail up
it. We plan to venture into some of the small side
fjords that we can zodiac into and explore on foot
or by kayak. Major geologic and geomorphologic
features will surround us and we hope to find
muskox along the shores of the fjord as well.
Soaring high above us will be the white-tailed sea
eagle, riding the thermals off the ridges. There
are fantastic opportunities for hiking.

Our journey through the Arctic is all but complete
as we disembark the ship in Kangerlussuaq and
make our way to the airport and a charter flight
returns us to Ottawa.

Pricing and Inclusions
    Triple USD 9,595
    Twin Semi Private USD 11,395
    Twin Private USD 13,695
    Superior USD 14,695
    Shackleton USD 16,095
    One Ocean USD 17,095
    Charter Flight USD 1,995

    Single travellers can choose to share with another traveller (matched based on gender and age) and pay the above prices.
    Sole use of a cabin has a 50% surcharge, and 100% for Suites.

    GST (Canada): All bookings on voyages that operate domestically within Canada, are subject to a compulsory 5% goods and services tax (GST). This will be itemised separately to the cruise price on the confirmation invoice.

    *This voyage starts from Ottawa on a flight. The voyage ends with a light to Edmonton.

    The flights are an additionAl USD1,995, but we are offiering a 50% discount for trips booked before 15 October 2017.



    Extensive pre-departure information package
    Educational presentations from experienced guides such as ornithologists, glaciologists, historians, geologists, naturalists and marine mammals experts
    Photography advice and instructions from the resident photographer.
    All zodiac and landing excursions
    All meals during the voyage prepared by One Ocean Expeditions chefs
    One Ocean Expeditions Farewell dinner hosted by the Captain
    Daily afternoon tea with fresh snacks
    Coffee, tea & hot chocolate available anytime
    Sauna, Plunge Pool filled with sea water, Hot Tub
    Experienced doctor on each journey
    Multimedia Room to download images, with Lightroom, Adobe, Photoshop and card readers are available for use on MAC and PC computers

    Expedition Gear Package for duration of the voyage – valued at US$1,000
    Windproof / waterproof jacket and bib pants
    Comfortable insulated rubber boots
    Water resistant binoculars
    Waterproof backpack
    Trekking poles available on shore


    Sea Kayaking at an extra cost of US$695 (Arctic) per person.
    Pre-registration required at time of booking.

    GST (Canada): All bookings on voyages that operate domestically within Canada, are subject to a compulsory 5% goods and services tax (GST). This will be itemised separately to the cruise price on the confirmation invoice.


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