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We’re all very lucky to live in the lucky country, and the changing Covid-19 situation has given us the perfect opportunity to explore more of it.

We have taken to the road to see for ourselves some of the great places we have right here in our backyard.

David went off-road on a 4WD adventure, and Rose followed the country roads. You can read about our adventures on our Travel Australia page.

Our Travel Australia page also has great options to take you beyond the highways, and through the amazing scenery just like we did.

You can read about places to see, and some of the small group journeys we have.

We can help plan your own adventure as well. It’s the same tailor-made, personal small group experience you have always enjoyed…without the passports, plane food, and delays.

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We know what you want from your journey because we are excellent listeners… and we’ve used our local experience to build the dream for you. Since 2013 we have helped more than 1000 customers to experience their dream journeys. Read about some of our clients’ awesome adventures.

Hairdresser to Traveller


Suzanne travelled a lot in her early 20s. But as the story so often she goes, she got married and had children, so the travelling stopped. Fast forward 40 years, Suzanne received an inheritance from her mother and has been spending it on travel ever since.

South American Travel Experience


Greg and Jane have travelled the world together.

Now retired, they have always planned and booked their own adventures. Greg books the flights, trains, cars and creates the entire itinerary for their holidays.

Client Story - Cuban Adventure


Ron and Chris are retired grandparents, making the most of their retirement by travelling the world. When a couple who they had previously travelled with asked if they were interested in a trip to Cuba, their interest was immediately piqued.


Find your dream destination

Rose and David have great relationships with the local tour operators in each country and are confident that you will be well looked after in each place. They love the researching and planning side of the holiday experience, which means you have more free time to just experience and enjoy your journey.  We stick to the places we know well and are very fortunate to have travelled to most of our destinations. This way we can provide expert advice and first-hand knowledge to help plan your trip.



Patagonia, quite simply, will take your breath away. Nestled neatly in amongst the Pacific, Atlantic and Southern Oceans, Patagonia straddles the Southern Andes of Chile and Argentina.



Welcome to the magical world of Antarctica – a breathtaking banquet of wilderness and wildlife. Get ready to immerse yourself in the icy walls of place unlike anywhere else on earth.



A vast and varied country, Canada is a feast for all travellers, and given its history of exploration, it really is no surprise. You can discover hidden corners even amongst the postcard favourites.

The Arctic


This is the Arctic, warmer than Antarctica, and polar bears replace penguins. Where a giant sheet of ice links three continents and wildlife freely roams, swims and flies across them.

South America


South America is a fantastic feast for travellers, offering diverse and beautiful ingredients that will delight your ‘travel buds’. Natural beauty is found everywhere.



India is constantly alive, with festivals, bustling bazaars and stunning scenery. With the intoxicating blend of colours, smells, sounds and tastes, India will leave an impression like no other.

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