15 Things to do in the South India state of Kerala
  1. Cruise through the backwaters. This is the perfect way to relax and leave the pace of modern life behind. Sit back and watch the world pass by as you spend the day wondering through the back waters of Kerala.
  2. Overnight on a houseboat. Complete your houseboat experience by spending an overnight on one. After spending the day relaxing and taking in the slower pace of life on the back water, have a relaxing dinner while watching the sunset over this palm tree covered land.
  3. Stay in a quaint homestay. Get away from the tourist trail where everyone stays in hotels and motels. Spend a couple of nights in a traditional homestay and experience a closer connection with the destination.
  4. This one is a bit different, but unique. How about spending a night or two in a tree house? These purpose-built lodgings aren’t the Hilton or Ritz Carlton, but they are practical, and will certainly leave you feeling like you are been immersed in the local area.
  5. Kerala is a hilly state, known for its vast tea estates. Visiting Kerala and not staying at a hill station should not even be a thought. It’s a must, and there are numerous properties that will leave you lost for words. Mainly situated on the tops of hills, these properties provide unique and jaw dropping scenery.
  6. This one is probably an obvious one. But visiting the local villages is another must. See how the locals live their life on a daily basis. After all, isn’t this why we travel, to experience the destination we are in.
  7. Wildlife, did someone say wildlife? Kerala is home to some world class wildlife sanctuaries. Try seeing if you can spot the elusive tiger.
  8. Spices, and teas. Kerala is known as God’s own country. Mainly because of its greenery, and natural diversity. India is known as the land of spices; but where do these spices come from? A lot come from Kerala, so if you are visiting this southernly state, taking in a tea estate or spice garden is an interesting experience. Even if teas and spices aren’t really your thing.
  9. Beaches. Do beaches come to mind when you think of India? You’ll be surprised, Kerala has some pretty beaches if beach stays are your thing.
  10. Waterfalls are spotted all over Kerala. Obviously seeing them after the monsoons is best, and although they don’t compare to Niagara or Iguassu, the waterfalls in Kerala complete with their surroundings, make for impressive sights.
  11. Ayurveda. We all know that Kerala is home to Ayurveda. Not to be missed, even if you are not a believer in this traditional form of medicine, try a traditional massage. You won’t regret it. There are plenty of Ayurveda resorts and homestays throughout Kerala. Do your research, but it’s a must to experience.
  12. Watch the boat races. Another thing worth experiencing if you are lucky enough to be visiting at the right time of year, are the Dragon boat races that happen in Kerala. Watch as teams row these, ( not so small ) boats in hope of gaining the winning titles.
  13. Kathakali. The traditional dance of Kerala. Kathakali is a dance performed by males only, where they dress up in elaborate costumes and perform intrigue dances. A very enjoyable evening out.
  14. For the young, and not so young, but young at heart; Kerala offers numerous adventure sports, from Kayaking, trekking, canoeing to rafting etc.
  15. Last, but not least. Shopping. You will find everything from spices, foods, handicrafts etc. in India. You will be pleasantly surprised by the offerings that are to be had while shopping in India.

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