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We are Travellers

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Your journey is our passion

Forward Travel is really all about you, not about us. We created our company to give our travellers the best and most complete travel experience.

We’ve been wandering the globe for many years and helping others travel for almost as long.
The map above shows where we’ve been in red, and where we’re planning to go next in green.

We have ventured far and wide along roads less travelled and busy highways and can tell you our passport numbers quicker than our phone numbers. With so much great feedback from our past and present clients we decided it was time in 2013 to set up our own company to bring our Forward thinking travel concept to our own audience.

If you agree that travel is part of life, not a break from it, then you are a Forward Traveller. If you travel for experiences more than sightseeing then you are one of us.

We want your memories to be of great guides, fantastic meals, comical inter language conversations with locals, and how you felt being immersed in your location, rather than merely taking photos of places you’d seen already seen in the brochures. We think of it as being part of the picture, rather than just taking the picture.

Travel deserves proper planning and careful preparation, and you should savour the anticipation as each journey approaches. Travel teaches us, it rewards us, it challenges us, it surprises us, and hopefully it creates happiness, with memories that deserve to be shared.That is why we created Forward Travel, to help Forward thinking travellers to travel better, travel further and travel more.

Meet Rose

I started my travelling adventure at 17 and have so far journeyed independently to over 60 countries covering all continents several times. My passion for having authentic experiences and immersing myself in each destination has given me a lifetime of dinner party stories to entertain and amuse friends and travellers. I have hitchhiked across Africa, have drunk fermented camel milk with nomads in Mongolia, swum with manta rays in The Maldives, and been hosted like a princess at a cricket test in India. Yes, it was my choice and sooo amazing.

I have had so many amazing journeys and met even more amazing people, but it was my first trip to Antarctica in 2000 that had the biggest impact on my life. I dreamed of returning there before I had even left and through good choices and good fortune I was able to realise my dream in 2008 when I led a group of NRMA Members on a One Ocean Expedition, with Aaron again as my Expedition Leader.

I am delighted that much of my time is spent helping plan journeys for our travellers, and was very privileged to return to Antarctica in 2015 with a group of our own Forward Travellers, introducing them to my other favourite place, Patagonia.Just recently I have discovered the Northern wonders of Canada and the High Arctic. I was blown away with the amazing scenery, history, wildlife and wilderness. Having polar bears seeminlgy perform for us, and beluga whales come for a close look were memories I cherish. But I still can’t quite believe the amazing experience of seeing the Aurora Borealis dancing in sky above me.
The trip is now a fixture on the Forward Calendar and our 2018 Journey is open for bookings now.
Will you be coming with me?

I call myself Head Chef, as I am the creative arm of Forward Travel. I do most of the ‘cooking’, finding great products and creatively putting them together to create Journeys to Savour for our travellers.

I’d love to help plan your journey too so please let me know where you want to go, and I’ll get cooking.

I look Forward to talking to you soon.


Meet David

Since taking my first flight overseas at the age of 12, I became an avid traveller, and there has been no looking back. The travel bug had well and truly sunk its teeth in and I have been travelling for most of my life.

Born in Ireland, I travelled extensively around Europe, before voyaging further and eventually making the journey across to Australia and settling down in this great country.

With a passion for life and adventure, along with my vast resume of experiences, I am very well placed to assist you in any plans you may be cooking up.

I’ve travelled to over 40 countries, too many to list in full, with India, Nepal, Colombia, Ecuador, Greenland, The Arctic and Antarctica being just the tip of the Iceberg on a long list of places visited.

Wherever there is an adventure or a new path to be explored, I am always first with a hand up to volunteer. The more extreme the destination the better. Some of the more memorable adventures include, kayaking with whales off the coast of Greenland, remote 4wd trips through the Australian outback, trekking in the Himalayas, photographing the wildlife on South Georgia, climbing volcanoes in Ecuador and travelling across India by train. Getting down and dirty and experiencing the journey to its fullest is the mantra I travel by.I am the Maitre ‘D here, effectively running the Forward Travel kitchen, managing operations on a daily basis.

I look Forward to talking to you soon.


The Forward style of travel

We focus our travel on places we know well so you benefit from our extensive knowledge. Your journey will be tailor made for you, so we’ll discuss your preferences and plan your trip to perfectly match your ‘travelbuds’. We like smaller boutique hotels and look for excellent locations, security and comfort, spacious public areas, large rooms that can fit luggage without taking up all the space, good breakfasts and in our 24/7 era, free wi-fi wherever possible. We use mainly 3.5 – 4 star hotels, but have a supply of fantastic luxury places to mix it up as well when suitable.

An English speaking guide will warmly welcome you upon arrival in each place and will guide you through the famous places along with some hidden gems. They will help with advice on restaurants, shopping and other things to see as well, and you will have plenty of time to explore on your own. When it is time to move on, you’ll be collected from your hotel and taken to the next exciting destination. Sometimes you will join shared sightseeing tours, and other times you will have private tours, where we know it is worth it.

This allows you to enjoy your journey, without having to worry about the boring bits.

Ready to start planning?

The Forward menu

Please consider our website as your travelling cookbook. We have created loads of recipes to tempt your ‘travel buds’ and will work with you to season them to your taste. Many people enjoy a great steak, but everyone wants it cooked a bit differently, just like your choices when travelling. So on our site you will find fantastic ingredients and wonderful recipes to showcase them: we just need you, the main ingredient, so we can tweak the recipe to your palate.

We have recipes to suit all appetites, from quick bites, to multi-country banquets. Perhaps you are looking for a feast befitting a special occasion, or a quick snack to fit a short time frame, whatever your taste and time limits, our travel planners, or as we prefer, ‘chefs’ will work with you to make sure we get your flavours right ensuring your journey is definitely one to be savoured.

Use these sample recipes to get some ideas, or simply let us know where you are thinking of going and we will create your own personalised itinerary based on your travel style, length of stay, and budget.

So please sit down, maybe grab a snack or a beverage and prepare to excite your ‘Travel Buds’.

Want to talk to a chef?

Forward Pricing

Most people convince a partner or friend to travel with them so all our prices are per person, based on two people travelling together and sharing accommodation with each other. If you are looking for some time out and solitude we can plan a trip just for you. Most of our trips are independent so can be tailored as you wish. We welcome larger groups as well and can often secure discounts for them.

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