Argentina travel advice

Rich in culture and diverse in the experiences on offer, Argentina is a magical destination to visit.

We want your Argentina travel experience to be as successful as possible, so here is our top travel advice shared by our South America travel specialists.

General travel advice

Argentina - General travel advice

Before we jump into some specific advice, here are a few general things you need to know:

  • In Argentina the official language is Spanish, although English is also commonly spoken, particularly in tourist areas.
  • The currency is the Argentine Peso. ATMs are easy to find… but they do often run out of cash, especially in larger tourist spots.
  • Electrical plugs in Argentina are on 220 volts, so you can use your Australian electrical appliances quite safely.
Is Argentina safe

Is Argentina safe?

Generally yes, but you still do need to be aware of your surroundings.

Try not to wear too much jewellery, or expensive looking watches as these can signal you as a target. It may seem common sense, but we advise never counting money on the street. If you need to ask for directions, always do so in shops or hotels… and a final tip – always walk with purpose.

Occasionally there are outbreaks of social unrest and demonstrations which you should avoid. Be alert for bag-snatchers, pickpockets and con men, particularly in crowded areas in Buenos Aires, on public transport and in popular tourist haunts, such as San Telmo and La Bocca.

Public Transport in Argentina

Public transport in Argentina

In the larger cities, we don’t recommend using public transport as taxis are so easy to find and relatively cheap.

For longer distance travel, buses are a great way of seeing the country from the ground.

Public transport in Argentina

Argentina travel visa

Australian travellers do not require a visa for Argentina for stays of up to 90 days.

You will need a valid passport with at least six months remaining.

If you have travelled to Argentina in the past you may have paid a reciprocity fee. This is no longer required for Australian travellers.

What is the food like in Argentina

What is the food like in Argentina?

How do you feel about red meat? That’s what you will find in Argentina… and it is delicious and plentiful. Beef and lamb are grilled, roasted and commonly barbequed ‘asado’ over hot coals for several hours. There are fabulous wine regions throughout the country producing fabulous red wines to match!

Argentina - Tipping


It is customary – although not mandatory – to tip for all services. In bars, cafés and restaurants, you generally are expected to leave a tip of 10% to 15% to the waiters.

The tip should always be paid in cash on the table as it can never be added to your credit card.

Shopping in Argentina


The Argentine Peso is very weak compared to the USD and AUD, making it a shopper’s delight!

Shoes, bags, and leather items are generally very good value in Argentina. Rose knows a thing or two about purchasing boots in Argentina so hit her up for all the boot shopping hot spots!

Some stores are registered in the TAX Refund System, so you can also claim back the VAT when you leave the country.

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