top 3 reasons why tourists arrive here for the ultimate break
BRAZIL: Top 3 Reasons Why Tourists Arrive Here For the Ultimate Break

Have you ever dreamt of visiting a place that provides mindboggling biodiversity, a rich kaleidoscopic culture, photographic landscapes, and a never-ending vivacity?

Well, there is one place where experiencing all of these is a certainty, and that place is Brazil! The largest country in South America, Brazil is one of the most fascinating places on the planet. Brazil is home to an abundance of attractions, both manmade and natural, from itstropical islands rich in corals, rumbling waterfalls, deep ravines to theprimordial colonial ruins of its yesteryear. Brazil is also home to the Amazon jungle, the lungs of our planet, here, one can also experience firsthand just how big and vast the Amazon Jungle is, alive withprosperous biodiversity and home to some of the worlds most precious Flora and Fauna.

Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, seesmany tourists visiting its shores, arriving from all over the world. The country presents to its visitors, not only its beaches, but also savoury dishes and the heart going pit-a-pat over the gusto nightlife. People are drawn to Brazil, because the land is SUBLIME, SERENE and SCENIC! The following are some of the reasons why Brazil should be considered as a destination to visit.

1. A Tropical Wonderland

a tropical wonderland

If you are an avid nature lover, then a visit to the tropical “Amazon“ rainforest of Brazil is going to be a lifetime experience for you. The Amazon basin has half of the world’s rainforest. If you want to glimpse toucans, capybara, sea turtles, scarlet macaws, or pink dolphins, then visiting Brazil is necessary for your travel wish list. Experts believe that 20% of all the worlds bird species live in the Amazon Jungle.

2. Brazil Carnival

brazil carnival

If parties and celebrations are your thing, (and even if they aren’t), you should still consider Brazil for it Carnival. Carnival – the country’s biggest festival brings the entire country to a standstill. With dancing and singing to the tune of the unique percussion instruments round the clock, jaw dropping costumes and an atmosphere that must be experienced to believe, Brazils carnival should be on any true travellers list of places to see.

3. Enticing and Exciting Urban Brazil

Enticing and Exciting Urban Brazil

If you are visiting Brazil; it is suggested not to pass an opportunity to visit the cityscapes of Salvador De Bahia andRio de Janeiro. Brazilstwo most happening cities.

The energetic Rio is something that most people who visit this city take some time to realise. The city tells the story of how cheerful the Brazilians are! Night or day, visitors witness a city that to the outsider, could seem to be in permanent holiday mode.Rio is vibrant and alive. There is fun all around with Cariocas and gringos with the traditional Brazilian samba and jazz adding a cheery on the top of the cake.

Salvador has a vibrant and impressive collection of colonial buildings,a lot of which are UNESCO world heritage sites. Visitors to Salvador get an opportunity to stroll down stone streets, giving feelings of stepping into days of past,and imagine how life once was in this thriving city of pastel shaded houses bordering its roads. Salvador is home to the most decorated Baroque church in Brazil; Sao Francisco church.


Brazil is a behemoth of social, cultural, and traditional happenings. A trip to this country will leave lasting impressions on you.

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