David Smyth

“I’m just an avid traveller who likes adventure and sharing his experiences with people. It’s pretty simple really.” As a kid, David dreamed of escaping his farming community in south-east Ireland.

He watched documentaries on travel and nature. Adventurer Alby Mangels was his hero.

As soon as he was old enough, he packed his bags and came to Australia on a 12 month backpacking visa.

Aside from his travels around the world, he’s been here ever since… after falling in love with the country.

David loves the travel industry, a career he chose because it allowed him to share his passion for travel with other people.

“I love sharing my knowledge and the enthusiasm I have for the world around me. So many people have seen things on TV…”

“…you can talk about them as much as you like but some places you just can’t appreciate until you see them in real life. It’s rewarding to help people go to those places and discover them for themselves. I’ve just returned from a trip to South America with my father. He’d never been anywhere like that and it blew his mind. To see the look on his face was so rewarding.”

David founded Forward Travel with Rose because he wanted more freedom to explore the world he loved so much. He didn’t want to be bound by the 9-5 or limited annual leave. And in the process he has been able to take so many others to the places he loves so much off the tourist trail. These days he is the numbers man and head of accounting at Forward Travel, or as he describes himself – a jack of all trades.

David Smyth of Forward Travel

He has travelled to remote parts of India that no tourists usually visit. He has been to outback Australia where you can not pass another car for a whole day.

He has been on desert safari in the United Arab Emirates and trekked many regions of the world.

Travel is not just a job for David, it is a true passion.

David is also a family man, his wife and son joining him on his many adventures. In 2017 his son ticked off a bucket list item of seeing a polar bear and walrus when they visited the Norweigan Arctic together.

“When my son found out we were going to Dubai, he did some research and found out that he could hold a falcon and doing that was certainly a highlight of his trip. Ever since we visited The Arctic, he has been asking me when we are going to Antarctica. Travel is a big part of his life also.”

David has bungee jumped in florida, sky-dived in Ireland and scuba dived in Bahrain. If it’s outdoor and extreme – kayaking, abseiling, karate, rock climbing, four wheel driving, skydiving – then he’ll be there! Other than travel, what really gets David excited is the thrill of adventure and extreme sports.

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