My Enchanting ‘Memory-packed’ Trip to NORTH INDIA Last Year

When it is about having a taste of the culture, history, food and vibrant colours in one platter, there are few better places to visit other than Northern India. I travelled there last year with Forward Travel, and if you want me to wind up my experience in one word, I would say ‘Extraordinary.’ My biggest motivation was to see the Taj Mahal in Agra and to witness that architectural beauty that I had heard of so often with my own eyes. However, later, what I experienced during my trip was more than I expected. Let me share my experience with you.

It Started from New Delhi


New Delhi, the capital of India, is where the Forward Travel start to take you along the road less travelled.I had a one day stay in Delhi, and in that one day, not only did I come across the major attractions, but meandering through windy backstreets, I also had a taste of authentic Delhi and India. Staying away from large touristy restaurants, my guide took me to small local places, where I had some of the most amazing food I’ve ever had.

I had delicious Kebabs, followed by Palak Paneer (cottage cheese with spinach gravy), Roti (bread slice), and of course I couldn’t go past the famous dessert, Jalebi and Lassi (yogurt shake with nuts and fresh cream). From the time I startedplanning a trip to India, I found that Delhi was going to be where my taste buds would feel alive for the first time, I mean truly alive. And the research wasn’t wrong. For any food lover, I would say, you need to visit Delhi.

Then It’s Varanasi to Khajuraho – Time For Spiritual Awakening


Being a student of architecture, I often came across the aesthetical brilliance of Khajuraho’s temples. And, on the other hand, it was the ‘ghat of the Ganges’ where I was to experience a spiritual boost; watching the sunrise over this revered and holy river,and experiencing the evening prayers, a tradition that has been happening for as long as time itself. Exploring Khajuraho and the temples built there during 850 AD was another exciting experience for me. Orchha, which was en-route, I got to see the lost kingdom of theBundela dynasty. My mind was simply blown away with what I was seeing and experiencing.

Agra Fort and The Taj Mahal – Where History Meets Architecture


And there was the Taj Mahal, finally, my initial reason for visiting India to begin with. I was finally here, after covering so many miles. I would say, my trip to North India would have remained incomplete without the Taj Mahal. The alluring white marble structure, the symbol of love and of course, the onestructure preserving the fragments of Indian history within – it was everything I had envisioned, and more. The beauty of the Taj Mahal is something that leaves one captivated. The structure is as beautiful as the story behind its very existence is.

Also, I cannot forget my visit to the Agra Fort too. After all, I got my very first glimpse of the Taj across the Yamuna river from the fort. It was a sight that has beenimprinted and will be in my memory forever. Although I missed the opportunity; but if you get the chance, try to see the Taj Mahal on a full moon night. It would be an experience of a lifetime.

From There We Took a Bend to Western India…


As per the planning I did with Forward Travel, my itinerarytook me to western India, travelling across Rajasthan, and down into to Mumbai where my dream ended.

I travelled in November, the weather was just perfect around that time. It was chilly in the morning, but once you take a sip of hot tea, and the sun rises, not only does the country come alive, but you come alive with it.

Ithoroughly enjoyed my trip. It was my second time with Forward Travel, and their arrangements have made my holidays more memorable than I could have imagined..

Looking forward to exploring more.

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