Expedition Cruising

Travelling on an expedition cruise takes you to the most amazing places that you just can’t reach any other way. Forget what you know about cruising the big ships… this is small ship luxury, combined with amazing experiences of adventure and discovery.

Sail and save

Sail and Save 20% - book before 30 September 2019

We are offering 20% off all One Ocean expedition cruises booked before 30 September 2019. We have cruises available through to March 2021 from Antarctica to The Arctic, Scotland, Iceland, Canada and the phenomenal Chilean Fjords.

Sail and Save

The One Ocean RCGS Resolute expedition ship is custom-built for expedition cruising. It offers comfort, space and an intimate, small-ship feel with a maximum of 140 passengers aboard. It is the perfect expedition ship with the capability to navigate the most remote corners of the untouched locations on your itinerary.

And those locations will blow your mind. This is not tourist travel where you watch destinations pass you by in the distance.

Expedition cruising is about being part of the experience… and once you’ve tried it, you’ll be hooked.

Contact us before 30 September to book your expedition cruise experience and take advantage of the 20% discount.


Cruising Antarctica is a dream come true. And in fact, in the surrounding region, there are many destinations that can only be reached by expedition cruise.

When you cruise Antarctica you will glide past whales, get friendly with the local penguins and observe the most phenomenal wildlife in its natural habitat.

Best way to see Antarctica

You can also visit the wildlife and history-rich South Georgia, or explore the Falkland Islands – the choice is yours.

The pictures you see in the travel brochures are nothing compared to the sheer magnificence of approaching a glacier… the sound of the ice calving as it breaks the quiet frost of the air is the only thing reminding you that this isn’t a movie… you are here, sailing the waters of Antarctica, in real life.

Cruised the still waters of Antarctica

Kristen is a Forward Travel client who has had that surreal ‘pinch me’ moment as she cruised the still waters of Antarctica:

“Standing on the bow as we glided through the serenely beautiful, calm Lemaire Channel in Antarctica on a perfect, sun-filled day, was the realisation of my travel dreams.

To be there, amongst the ice, surrounded by soaring peaks and passing wildlife, was the experience I had been hoping for, but even I didn’t dare to dream it would be that amazing.”

Contact us for more information or view our full guide to Antarctica, South Georgia, the Falkland Islands and Chilean Fjords expedition cruises including departure dates, costs and inclusions. Bookings prior to 30 September receive 20% off.

Arctic, Europe and Canada

The Arctic, Europe and Canada

Hidden amongst this spectacular region are some of the most remote islands and destinations in the world… and expedition cruising is the best way to see them.

You will learn about Viking history, enjoy local customs and explore regions that rarely welcome travellers.

The Arctic spans three continents… and the experiences that await are just as diverse as the region is divided. This is your chance to immerse yourself in the history, wildlife and adventure of the region.

Perhaps a golfing tour of Scotland and Ireland might tickle your fancy? Or a lesson in glaciology as you travel through wonderous Spitsbergen? Or even the amazing wildlife of Canada and Greenland?

Cruise of the Arctic region

What can you expect on your expedition cruise of the Arctic region?

The short answer is the most phenomenal experience of a lifetime.

The long answer… once in a lifetime experiences with a highly-trained tour guide alongside a small group of like-minded travellers. You will have all the gear you need for each of your adventures and luxury comfort to rest and enjoy your holiday in between the daily activities.

Sound good? Contact us to ask about your expedition cruise holiday to Europe, The Arctic or Canada or view our full travel information including all travel dates, costs and destinations. Don’t miss the 30 September deadline to save 20% off your expedition cruise adventure

Where are you traveling to next

Where are you traveling to next?

We recommend expedition cruising because it’s how we like to travel.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any better, you arrive at another destination that surpasses any expectations you had.

Like Sandra experienced on her expedition cruise from Scotland to Iceland:

“We hiked through clouds to the clifftops on the northernmost Shetland Island. We were so engrossed with the puffins waddling by, we didn’t want to go any further but our guides said, ‘You have to see the gannets.’

Reluctantly, we walked the extra 200 metres and stood with our jaws dropped almost to the sea at the sight we found. Over 100,000 gannets, and many other birds, nest here and only a privileged few travellers reach it. Yet another moment that I am very glad I am a traveller, not a tourist.”

With a saving of 20% on all One Ocean expedition cruises, now is the time to book! Contact us to speak with one of our experienced travel consultants about our cruise options and we’ll have you sailing into your next holiday in no time.

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