Experiencing the Himalayan Wildlife – Chitwan National Park

If you are a wildlife lover, and if you are looking to experiencethe wildlife of the Himalaya, then you really need to make Chitwan National Park part of your plan.

Chitwan is a world class National Park, and being in the lower Himalayas, Chitwan is a world away from the rugged mountain trails. It is a haven for native species, both flora and fauna. With lush jungles and nothing but the sounds of nature, Chitwan is a treat for your mind, body and spirit.

Chitwan National Park is in south-central Nepal and covers952.63 km2.

Climate of Chitwan


Chitwan mainly has a tropical subcontinental monsoon climate, with very high humidity. Monsoons last from mid of June till late September, receiving nearly 2500 mm of rainfall on an average.

Hence, the best time visit Chitwan National Park is after the middle of October, when the monsoon clouds retreat, dropping the humidity level, and unfurling the green beauty of the region to the fullest.

The wildlife of Chitwan


The park has a wide plethora of vegetation and wildlife. Wildlife includes over 700 species, with everything from large mammals to tiny insects. It has 17 species of snakes apart from the King Cobra and Rock Python, along with monitor lizards, 113 recorded types of mudded crocs and fish along the tributaries of the Narayani river.

Then there are the one-horned rhinoceros, leopards and sloth bears;Bengal foxes and spotted linsangs, palm civets, smalland large civets, various types of mongoose, honey badgers and yellow-throated martens. Tigers, though in limited numbers have also been sighted in the park, and populations are increasing. Chitwan is one of the few National Parks in the world where conservation actions are working.

What to do?


You can take jeep safaris to venture into the remote areas of the park. But it’s not just the wildlife that Chitwan has to offer.

There are remote village tours that you can take, which will reveal the rural side of Nepal to you. Villages that are still living in traditional ways. ( Although this is slowly changing with each generation ), you can visit the elephant breeding centre.If you are more adventurous, energetic and eager to make your Nepal trip morememorable, you can go for canoe ride through the National Park.

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