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Whenever you hear the name “Patagonia”, your mind inevitably starts visualising images of a faraway land with dreamy and dramatic landscapes all around you.Visiting Patagonia with Forward Travel, your visions will come to reality, and you will find yourselfexperiencing the vastness, serenity and adventure the land of Patagonia has to offer.

While you are planning for your trekking trip to South America, it can be a bit daunting where to go. Patagonia is a region in Southern South America, but it is so vast; that it has been mistaken to be a country of its own.So where to begin with planning for a Patagonia trek.There are two main areas.Chilean Patagonia and Argentine Patagonia. Both the routes are full of flora and fauna along with soothing weather all around.

However, the trekking can vary distinctively. Don’t worry though, Forward Travel has your back, and will take you through the options and what will maximise your experience. Whether a novice or expert, there is trekking for everyone.

Let us briefly break down the trekking routes for you for better understanding.

W-Trek in Chilean Patagonia

w-trek in chilean patagonia

Chilean Patagonia probably has more names that you commonly hear. Names like the W-Trek andTorres del Paine. The Chilean region of Patagonia is home to some of the world most dramatic scenery and landscapes. From gentle rolling hills to steep mountain valleys, day treks to week long treks, Chilean Patagonia won’t disappoint.

Other Trekking Options

other trekking options

Apart from the most popular trek, the W-Trek, you can also choose to go for other treks like “Base Las Torres”, “Refugio Los Cuernos” and “Los Cuernos del Paine”. The time required for these treks are relatively short, but the difficulty level is there. So, as with any adventure activity,always prepare yourself well both physically and mentally to make sure you can take the challenges with confidence.

Patagonia in Argentina – El Chalten

patagonia in argentina – el chalten

The region of Patagonia in Argentina doesn’t have the same difficulty levels as Chile, but that’s not to say it’s to be missed. Although the trek routes are relatively moderate, the area is exceptionally picturesque and although not as challenging, the scenery compensates.

The area ofEl Chaltenis most popular for commencing your trekking in the Argentina region of Patagonia. and located in the north of the Los Glacieras National Park. There are multiple trekking options around the area, most popular being;Laguna de los Tres and Laguna Torre.

What are you waiting for? Pick up your phone or drop in to see us.Get in touch with the experts at Forward Travel to discuss you trip and make it come through.

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