A Few Good Reasons Why You Should Travel to Brazil This Year

When planning a trip to South America; visiting Brazil is something that you shouldn’t overlook if possible. The offerings of Brazil to its visitors, are some of the must see of South America. Be it the natural, or architectural beauty – Brazil has it all. When one thinks of Brazil, wildlife and festivals are what comes to mind, but there is so much more to experience in this, South America’s largest country, and the worlds’ fifth largest.

Brazil is so much more than the Amazon. It has a fantastic nightlife, celebrating the national dance of Brazil, “The Samba”. Music, fine dining in restaurants dotted along a spectacular coastline, wildlife of the amazon jungle and the Pantanal, (the world’s largest wetlands), spectacular festivals; most famous being Carnival, and old colonial architecture. Brazil is also that elephant in the room too, haven been colonised by the Portuguese and not the Spanish as the rest of South America was.

For these reasons alone, Brazil is a must for you itinerary when planning a trip to South America.

Meeting of Waters – Brazilian Amazon

meeting of waters

The Brazilian Amazon is undoubtedly what comes to mind when thinking of experiencing wildlife at its best. There is wildlife abundant for sure in the Amazon, but given the sheer size, it isn’t the best place to experience wildlife. For, where would you even start? Well, the guys at Forward Travel can answer that question for you and have done in the flowing section. However; there is something more fascinating awaiting you in the Amazon. It’s the “meeting of waters”, a natural confluence of two rivers that are the Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes.

The two different colours of the rivers and their meeting create a distinct point where they meet. While the former is dark black coloured,the second river is of the sandy colour. The colour contrast is something that makes the view more lucrative. This is an impressive sight indeed.

The Pantanal – Find the Wildlife


You can come to Brazil over and over again for exploring the beauty of its wildlife. Yes, the Amazon is home to spectacular wildlife, but given its size, spotting it isn’t easy. But to be guaranteed a personal and up-close wildlife experience, you need to visit the Pantanal. Geographically, the Pantanal is the world’s largest tropical wetland, covering 70,000 square miles. Can you imagine? this is a huge area. It’s as vast as Washington State. Although in most cases, the Pantanal is often compared to the Amazon rainforest; but the fact is, the Pantanal has the highest concentration of wildlife on the entire continent.

It has jaw dropping bird life; in addition you will be able to experience jaguars, piranhas, howlers, giant anteaters, snakes and capuchin monkeys. The list is too long to write. Moreover, you will also be able to witness the largest snakes in the world, the Anaconda. With the team of Forward Travel helping you plan, you will be able to explore the best of Brazil and what it has to offer.

Attend “Rio Carnival” for the Ultimate Fun

rio carnival

If you want to take a break from the wildlife and discover another side of Brazil, the biggest carnival in the world is awaiting your presence. Every year, around 2 million people attend the carnival held in Rio de Janeiro. It is registered as a Guinness record holder for being the biggest carnival in the world. It’s like the entire population of Brazil descends on Rio and takes part in the colourful samba parade along with the local communities from the Favelas. This is one major party.

Carnival generally occurs just 40 days before Easter. You can be a part of the celebration too as you go for the trip with Forward Travel in the coming year. Time permitting, visiting this colourful and enthralling carnival is a must. Your trip to Brazil will remain incomplete if not experienced.

Final Words

Brazil can easily be combined with its neighboring countries, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, and Peru. Talk to Forward Travel to create your dream package and what you should be seeing to get the best experience possible from your trip to South America.

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