Five Things to do in Chile

You are not short of options when it comes to keeping yourself busy in Chile. The list of choices is as long as the coastline of this amazing country. But there are some experiences that you absolutely must do…

wonders of Chile


Like the rest of its South American neighbours, Chile does not disappoint on the hiking front. Hiking in Chile offers something for everyone with high or low paths and walks of all lengths.

Patagonia is the place to go to experience the hiking wonders of Chile. It’s hard for us to pick a favourite hike but if you head to Torres del Paine, El Calafate, El Chalten or Parque Patagonia then you can’t go wrong.

If you are staying further north in Chile there are equally magnificent options such as La Campana National Park and Cajón del Maipo Valley. It really depends on your skill level, how long you want to spend hiking and what you want to experience on your trek.

Pisco Sour

Try a Pisco Sour

Both Chile and Peru claim the Pisco Sour as their own… if you try one in both countries you can let us know which you prefer!

Either way, the Pisco Sour – an alcoholic drink made with lemon or lime juice, egg whites and pisco liquor – is a South American classic and Chile is the perfect place to indulge!

Stargaze at Chile


You’ve never truly seen the stars until you’ve viewed them from The Atacama Desert. With minimal light pollution, a high altitude and only six days of rainfall each year, The Atacama has the clearest skies in the world.

The region has a number of observatories where you can take advantage of the spectacular view into the skies.

Chilean wine,

Wine Taste

If you’ve never tasted Chilean wine, now is your chance to enjoy fantastic wines that blend old world flavours with modern techniques.

Wine in Chile is inexpensive and the choices on offer make evening meals or long lunches a luxury of travel in Chile.

Patagonian Asado

Enjoy a Patagonian Asado

At an Asado, a whole lamb is slow roasted over an open fire for several hours, so that once it reaches your plate a knife is merely ornamental.

Lamb in Patagonia is succulent and sought after, pairing perfectly with red wine for a feast that will leave your taste buds tingling just at the memory!

We have Chile travel in our blood and this is just a small sample of the experiences we can arrange for you. Each journey we plan is tailor-made to the traveller so we can create an experience that you will never forget. Take the first step on your dream holiday and book a consultation with one of our South America travel specialists.

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