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There are two ways to do group travel – how everyone else does it…

…and how we do it at Forward Travel.

We specialise in small group and escorted tours for seniors and other travellers who know that the treasures lie off the tourist trail.

We take our experience and skill at planning tailor-made itineraries and transfer that to our group travel itinerary planning.

When we plan your travel you won’t find yourself whizzing through five countries in five days sitting on a bus alongside 55 people. We just wouldn’t do that to you.

Group travel done right is about going on the shared experience of a lifetime. We want our travellers to walk away feeling like they have been on a journey that was designed specifically for them, no matter if they are travelling solo or with a group of fifteen others.

Escorted tours

Escorted tours

Whether you are a single traveller or just prefer the idea of travelling within a group, but want the experience of a tailor-made journey off the beaten track, then you will love our escorted tours.

Choose from remote destinations only ever seen by the tiniest percentage of travellers… or do popular destinations the Forward Travel way and see them in a whole new light.

“Rose has a way of making you feel at ease… she has a way of handling people that is so welcoming and relaxed. She is enthusiastic and knowledgeable and brings so much life to the tour. If there are any hiccups along the way she doesn’t miss a beat and is always ready with a solution.

I don’t think Rose even knows how much she adds to the escorted tours she runs, but in my opinion, she is the icing on the cake and it just wouldn’t be the same without her.”

Kristen, Forward Travel client on an escorted tour to Canada/the Arctic

With our escorted tours there are no surprises. We give you everything you need for the most epic adventure…

Sharing the experience

…and you will be sharing the experience with a small group of like-minded people who are just as passionate as you about doing travel differently.

“I have been on escorted tours with Forward Travel and other travel agencies… the difference with Forward Travel is that they really do bring together like-minded people – all seasoned travellers who know what they want from a travel experience. And then you have Rose who brings the wow factor.”

Suzanne, Forward Travel Client on an escorted tour to Antarctica and Canada/the Arctic

To register your interest in our escorted tours and experience the group travel benefits for yourself, contact us today.

Upcoming Group Tours

Delve into the delights of relatively-undeveloped Assam and Nagaland in far northeast India in 2020. Journey through the lush and captivating landscapes of these fascinating destinations and immerse yourself in their unique cultures.

Upcoming Group Tour

Highlights include:

  • Encounters with gorgeous eri silk, the fabric of peace
  • UNESCO-acclaimed Majuli Island and its Mishing weavers
  • Glamping in Kohima’s luxury camp
  • One-horned rhino safari in Kaziranga National Park
  • Three stunning festivals, two celebrating local textile traditions and Nagaland’s renowned Hornbill Festival.

Click through to our brochure for all the details.

Group travel planning

Small group tours with friends can be difficult to plan… what you thought was a good idea to travel with friends looks like becoming a 12-month saga by the time you try and cater for everyone’s unique interests.

We can help.

We use our travel planning process to understand what each traveller wants from their group travel experience… and then we create an itinerary so unique that when you arrive home you will all feel like the holiday was made for you. And that’s because it was.

We tailor every experience to the individual traveller, no matter whether you are travelling solo or on a group travel adventure.

The small group tours

The secret lies in the depth of our local knowledge… the small group tours we plan go beyond the tourist trail to take you to the hidden gems of a destination.

It’s how we travel ourselves and how we’ve helped more than 1,000 travellers experience journeys of a lifetime.

“We were travelling in a group of four. Rose organised the trip for everyone. We all told her what we were interested in and she went from there. Everyone has different tastes and it’s a matter of talking it through. We felt very much at ease with Rose and confident that she would be able to plan a wonderful group tour for us… and she certainly delivered.”

Ron and Chris, Forward Travel clients on a group tour to Cuba, Panama, Ecuador and Colombia

Our group travel consultants would be delighted to help you and your group plan a holiday you will never forget. Contact us to book a consultation.

Register your interest in one of our upcoming Small Group Tours today!

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