Iceland Travel Tips

We love sharing our love of Iceland with our travellers… and we want your journeys to be as amazing as ours have been. So, we’ve pulled together our best travel tips that we’ve collected from our Iceland adventures.

Iceland Costs

Iceland costs

Iceland is the most expensive country in the world. Alcohol in particular is insanely expensive, commonly costing more than AUD20 per glass in restaurants and bars. You can save by buying tax free at the airport, looking for the bottle shops in town or having a pre-dinner drink in your room before venturing out.

Another way to save money is to pack some of the breakfast buffet to eat as a picnic lunch.

You will not only save money but will also be able to enjoy more of your day without having to stop and find places to eat lunch.

Coffee in Reykjavík

The coffee in Reykjavík is amazing… but expect to pay about AUD8.40 for a small cup!

Credit card is the preferred currency, and used for almost all transactions, however small.

Some small villages and markets will only take cash, so you will need cash for these.

Icelandic Krone is the local currency, although Euros are widely accepted. You will get Icelandic Krone for the change.

Check the Weather

Check the weather

The weather in Iceland changes quickly and often. Make sure you check the forecast before you set off each day and continue to do so through the trip.

Dress in layers and bring waterproof clothing, no matter the season.

Remember that the wind can be fierce in Iceland so keep this in mind when packing.

Don't buy Bottled water

Don’t buy bottled water

Icelandic water is some of the best water you can find in the world. It is so clean that it is, in most cases, safe to drink from rivers and waterfalls.

Don’t get tricked into buying bottled water when you can bring your own water bottle and fill up along the way.

Pledge to be a responsible tourist

Iceland Tourism takes a proactive role in ensuring the tourist industry does not destroy Iceland. Part of being a responsible tourist is respecting this… here are a few ways you can be a responsible tourist in Iceland:

A Responsible Tourist
  • Explore new places but leave them as you found them.
  • Take photos to die for, without dying to take them.
  • Follow the road into the wild but never venture off the road.
  • Only park where you are supposed to.
  • When nature calls, don’t answer the call on nature.
  • Be prepared for all weathers, all possibilities and all adventures.
  • Do not call Icelandic horse ‘ponies’.
  • Do not pile up rocks; it confuses the locals who use rock piles as direction markers when hiking.
  • Do not walk on the moss – it takes several years to show the damage and 40 years to regenerate.
Safety in Iceland

Safety in Iceland

Iceland is rated the safest country in the world. We think it is safe as long as you are sensible.

Water is safe to drink, locals are friendly and theft and crime are minimal. The main hazards are typically associated with the landscape and weather.

When hiking, stick to the paths and ask a local before walking around volcanoes and on glaciers.

Know the weather forecast and be prepared for all weather; it can change rapidly.

Hot springs are just that – hot! Test the water before you enter as some can get as hot as 100°C.

If you are driving around Iceland, always drive with your headlights on.

Iceland Visa for Australians

Iceland Visa for Australians

Australian passport holders, as with most countries, are able to enter Iceland without a visa for tourist stays of up to 90 days. If you want to stay longer than this, we can help to organise a visa. Be sure that you have at least 90 days remaining on your passport when you start your travels to Iceland.

Getting around Iceland

Getting around Iceland

Iceland is a destination with such a small population that public transport really doesn’t exist. Getting around Iceland by bus is limited and trains are non-existent. The best option for travellers is to either hire a car and self-drive around Iceland or to go on a guided tour.

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