ladakh trip in your india travel plan
Why Should You Include Leh/Ladakh Trip In Your India Travel Plan?

“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit.”

And, if you want to fill the wilderness and bohemian spirit within you, then consider it a necessity at the time of booking a trip to India to include Leh/Ladakh. Located in between the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain range, the region has an abundance of natural raw beauty that is rare in the world. As they say, if you want to explore the unique part of the Himalayas, it’s Leh and Ladakh you should visit.

The Dramatic Charm of the Highlands

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It’s a highland that will offer you the scenic beauty of barren panorama. You are going to find water bodies of almost every colour – red, orange, grey, brown, green and of course crystal blue. On the other hand, there is a rugged landscape all around welcoming you with open hands to come and explore nothing but the best.

At night, you will be able to see the clear starry sky above your head taking you to the feeling of standing in front of an alternate dimension. It’s the surreal yet authentic beauty of the land that fascinates tourists time and time again.

Why should you visit Leh/Ladakh?

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If you are travelling to India for the first time, here are two pieces of advice for you! One, you collaborate with the Forward Travel experts who can guide you tomaximise your great adventure, and secondly, include a trip to Leh/Ladakh into your itinerary to ensure that your India trip does not remain incomplete in any way.

Let us give you some insights on Leh/Ladakh, that might showcase why is should not be overlooked.

Snow Capped Mountains Ready To Be Conquered

Ladakh is known for having the peaks,Nun-Kun, Stok Kangri and Kang-Yatsethat can be trekked. In between the snow-capped mountains standing in the altitude of 6000 meters and above, you will get to see the mountain passes which used to be used by China and India as the trade routes. Khardung La, Chang La, Tanglang La and many more.

An Epitome Of Indigenous Culture

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The region of Leh/Ladakh is also known as the Little Tibet, and therefore you can expect to experience the core of Indo-Tibetan culture. Being an epitome of indigenous culture, you will be offered an outlook on rituals, festivals, and lifestyle of people living in this northern region. Losar, Tak, Hemis, and Dosmoche are some of the celebrations that will let you enjoy the spirit of their livelihood. Witness these colourful festivals by travelling to the faraway mountains with us, Forward Travel, your experts in planning trips to India.

Buddhist Monasteries And Gompas All Around

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If you want to experience ancient Buddhist architecture and brick villages, Leh/Ladakh is the region in India that will give you this opportunity. The artistic décor, murals, and thangkas will transport you to the world of India’s’ ancient history. Matho, Alchi, Hemis, Stakna, Spituk are some of the most amazing monasteries here that will give you such insights to past times.

Final Words

Whether you have already started to decide on your itinerary of travelsin India, Leh/Ladakh should be a consideration on the list, at the very least. Talk to the experts at Forward Travel today to discuss the best time for visiting India along with in-depth details about the region.

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