A rich feast for all travellers. Incredible India, in one word, that is what this country is. There are few countries as beguiling as India.

With a history dating back to around 7000BC, this amazing country offers everything for the keen traveller.

India was relatively hidden from outsiders till the Moghul Empire conquered and built their forts and palaces in abundance, most notably of course the Taj Mahal.

Travelling through this mesmerising land, you will find each state and even city alerts your every sense, with the intoxicating blend of colours, smells, sounds and tastes.

India is constantly alive, with festivals, teaming bazaars and stunning scenery. India will leave an impression like no other.

We have been travelling to India and the surrounding regions for many years and love all things sub-continental.

David is a great fan of exploring lesser travelled northern India, particularly Leh and Ladakh and the waterways of Kerala. Rose, on the other hand, is a Rajasthan fan, with a soft spot for Kerala and a softer spot for cricket. We both agree that it’s hard to beat a good Indian curry!

We really like combining various experiences so you can appreciate its diversity. Magnificent forts and palaces in romantic Rajasthan lead to remote desert camps. Luxurious rail journeys can be followed with gentle cruises along Kerala’s serene waterways. Untrodden paths forge trails through magnificent mountains to small villages somehow unaffected by the modern age, while the cacophony of chaos radiating through the cities contrasts with the solemnity of the religious traditions.

We hope you will allow us to create your own journey to savour through India, discovering the people, culture, tradition, history and legacy of India and perhaps its neighbouring wonderlands.

With our passion, experience and meticulous planning, we promise to weave memories you will cherish forever.

Forward Travel - Taj Mahal India

Taj Mahal

Watch in awe as the white marble mausoleum, that is the Taj Mahal, sparkles in the glittering rays of the morning sun, then step inside to see the intricate designs often described as a love poem written in marble.

Built in 1632 by a husband in loving memory of his wife, the Taj illustrates true love.

It is described by UNESCO as “the jewel of Muslim art in India and one of the universally admired masterpieces of the world’s heritage.”

Forward Travel - Ruins of Leh Palace


Known as Little Tibet, Leh/Ladakh is the land of high passes in the northern region of India.

Ladakh has one of the most dramatic outlooks on Earth and is renowned for its remote mountain beauty and culture.

It boasts snow capped mountains, glacier-melt rivers, steep gorges, mud brick villages and a strong Tibetan Buddhist culture.

India - Jaisalmer


Ride into the desert on the back of a camel and watch the sunset, while experiencing a traditional evening of food and entertainment.

Founded in 1156 and known as the Golden City, Jaisalmer will take your breath away.

Forward Travel - Jodhpur Rajasthan


Jodhpur is known as the blue city after the vivid blue-painted houses in the city. (It’s also known as the Sun City as it receives bright sunny weather all year round!)

Jodhpur boasts magnificent forts and palaces of times gone by and offers a true insight into the cultures and foods of the Rajasthan state.

Forward Travel - Varanasi India


Varanasi is located on a bend in the river Ganges situated between Delhi and Kolkata.

Varanasi has been the religious capital of India for over 2000 years and is more revered and sacred than all the other sacred sites combined.

Varanasi is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cites in the world. And wondering through this city you can definitely sense this.

Forward Travel - Kerala India


Kerala is a narrow strip of land located in the South West of India and offers a slower pace of travel than in the north.

The beauty of Kerala is in its natural beauty. Kerala lets you unwind in nature.

Whether you drive through its lush green hills, stroll through its many tea estates or just relax with a traditional Ayurvedic massage, Kerala will leave you feeling new.

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Forward Travel - Kerala India


Cruise through the backwaters. This is the perfect way to relax and leave the pace of modern life behind. Sit back and watch the world pass by as you spend the day wandering through the back waters of Kerala.

Kaziranga National Forest


When your thing is exploring the wildlife of the world, be sure to add India to your travel list. India is more than colourful Saris and desert forts. India has another side to its beauty; in fact, India’s wildlife offerings will leave you awestruck.

An Epitome Of Indigenous Culture


If you want to fill the wilderness and bohemian spirit within you, then consider it a necessity at the time of booking a trip to India that includes Leh/Ladakh.

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