A Journey to Nepal – 5 Awesome Sites Which Are a Must-Visit

Nepal is one of the most diverse destinations on the planet and is blessed with innumerable gifts of nature. The grandeur of the snow-covered Himalayan peaks, icy glaciers, waterfalls, verdant forests, pristine lakes – all add to the exquisiteness of the location.

Nepal is a location worth visiting at least once. If you are planning a visit to Nepal but aren’t exactly sure what you should be aiming to see, let Forward Travel help you. Here are some spots which you should check out for a possible trip.

The Annapurna Region


The Annapurna region is one of the most popular trekking regions in Nepal. Apart from the spectacular scenery, the Annapurna region will give you an insight to the rich Nepalese culture. Trekkers will come across three different routes, crossing between forests, mountain trails and remote villages.

Situated in the North Central part of Nepal, the Annapurna region presents a spectacular view of the adjoining valley region, the Himalayan ranges and off-course- Mt. Everest.

Regardless of whether you are a lover of trekking or just a casual traveller visiting Nepal, The Annapurna region will be a spectacle to remember.

The Everest Region


Otherwise known as the Khumbu, the Everest region is situated in the North Eastern part of Nepal, and if you are a fan of trekking, this will be your haven. Although the scenery may not be a varied as the Annapurna region, being amongst and trekking through the mesmerising peaks of the Khumbu and Everest region holds something spiritual.

Simply put, The Everest region will prove to be a magical experience.

Mera Peak


The Mera Peak is the country’s highest trekking peak being approximately 6476 metres. This is another great spot from where you can see clearly the whole Himalayan range- including Mt Everest.

Mera Peak is extremely popular amongst travellers not only for its views once atop, but also because this provides an opportunity for trekkers to get to altitude, without having to climb. For anyone wanting to experience the effects and challenges of altitude as experienced by professional climbers, then Mera Peak is the place for it.



Kathmandu is the capital of Nepal andhas many highlights to offer its visitors. The UNESCO World HeritageDurbar Square is world famous, but you will find many temples and monuments dating back hundreds of years. Kathmandu is a very old city, and although this is reflected in its infrastructure, it only adds to the charm that Kathmandu offers.

Kathmandu is alive. It is alive with the many smells and sounds that give it it’s vibrancy. Incense burning at every corner, street vendors shouting and bidding for your business, the hustle and bustle of traffic and of course the locals going about their daily lives.

Sit back at a street café and allow yourself to be drawn into the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu. The people of Nepal are some of the friendliest people in the world. You will feel welcome from the moment you step foot in this amazing country.

Gokyo Lakes


Lying 4700 to 5000m above the sea level, the Gokyo Lakes stand as the highest freshwater lakes on the planet. Surrounded by mesmerising, gigantic peaks, this region consists of many stonewall paddocks and lodges to kick back and unwind.

Easily added to an Everest Base Camp trek, the views from atop Gokyo Ri are some of the best you will ever experience.

A common question people ask is, will I be able to get a good photo. The thing is, it is impossible not to.

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