Visit Gokyo Lakes
Know Why Visiting Gokyo Lakes in Nepal Should Be on Your Bucket List?

Are you working on your travel plans for Nepal right now? Don’t be misguided with the assumptions suggesting that Nepal is all about the views of the Everest or Annapurna region. There is no doubting the fact that the views from both Everest and the Annapurna regions are mind blowing. But, there is somewhere that everyone that is capable, should experience. Gokyo Lakes. The side trip from every Everest Base Camp trek is well worth the additional couple of days, and the rewards make the effort worth every additional step taken.

A few facts first…

Gokyo lakes is the amalgamation of six different glacial lakes high in the Himalayan ranges. These lakes are known to be the highest freshwater lakes in the whole world. Located between 4700 meters to 5000 meters, these lakes are a hidden gem, and not to be missed.

Reasons to Visit the Gokyo Lakes

Because It Is an Experience Not Meant to Be Forgotten


Gokyo Lake Experience

As people gain altitude and start getting close to the mighty Himalayan range, they can expect to break the ice with their feet and make their way to the snowy base camp. And, getting a glimpse of those untempered freshwater lakes is something that you will possibly not forget in your entire lifetime.

Challenging for the Trekkers


challenging for trekkers

Let’s face it. Passing through the Gokyo lakes is not for everyone. The trail to the lakes can be steep in places and isn’t for the novice trekker. Experience and a good level of fitness is a must for trekking this region.

There is no doubting the fact that avid trekkers opting for a challenging trip to Nepal, love to feel the rewards that await them after a long and trying day. The Gokyo region will offer both the challenges and the rewards for those who choose this path.

A Place of Optimum Peace and Serenity


Gokyo Lakes - A Place for Optimum Peace and Serenity

With most trekkers searching for peace and quietness as they embark on their adventure through one of Nepal’s most famous mountain ranges, the trail to EBC (Everest Base Camp), being one of the most popular trekking routes in Nepal, isn’t necessarily going to provide this.

Due to the growing number of trekkers in Nepal, the route to Everest Bae Camp does not offer the desired serenity anymore. However, the Gokyo lakes route, which is less travelled, will allow the trekker in search of peace and serenity to attain what he or she is looking for.

Better View than Kala Pathar


spectacular view from gokyo lakes

A lot of trekkers, who have been to Everest Base Camp, will tell you that Kala Pathar is the place in Nepal that offers the most spectacular view of Mount Everest. This may be true for those that have not ventured to Gokyo. From Gokyo Lakes, the views you will experience, will probably give the most wonderful glimpse of the mighty Everest, and surrounds. The 360 deg. Views from atop Gokyo Ri are unmatched.

Early morning commences your climb of the mighty Gokyo Ri. Getting to the top, take in the feeling of being on top of the world, as the sun rises over this majestic land. Views that are unexplainable and must be experienced. Watching the sun rise over the Himalaya is a truly humbling experience.

Wrapping It Up

To sum up, not taking that extra time to visit Gokyo will leave you always thinking that you should have done it, and regretting that you didn’t do it. With the team at Forward Travel guiding you through the journey, you will have a trek planned to suit your ability. All options will be put to you, and don’t worry; if your ability doesn’t allow for a visit to Gokyo Lakes, there are many other places that will leave you feeling on Top of the World. Contact Forward Travel and their experts for your next adventure.

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