Machu Picchu Calling – Set Your Plan for Your South American Trip Next Year

Considering a South American trip next year? Planning to schedulePeru in your plans? With this fascinating Latin American country offering so many breathtaking places to visit, it’s important to find a reputable and professionalcompany to assist you in planning to enable you to maximise your experience. But for now, we will focus on Machu Picchu.

What is Machu Picchu?Not only is Machu Picchu one of Peru’s’ most iconic sites, it is one of the most iconic sights anywhere in the world.This 15th Century citadel from the long-lost Inca Civilisation, is situated in south Peru, atop a mountain ridge at an altitude of 7970 ft.

How to start with?


Why the need to deal with a tour company? If you are planning a trip to South America, and Peru, chances are you are not just visiting Peru alone, and given the size and many climates of South America, proper planning is needed so your trip doesn’t become a wash out. Peru does have a wet season, so if you are planning to explore Machu Picchu, the best time is between Marchand October.

Forward Travel have been promoting Peru, and South America for many years now. They have travelled and researched endlessly to be able to say with confidence they are experts in South American travel.

And that’s not all, we also take you to the many other treasures that Peru has to offer.

Again, only the best guide from an eminent tour company can make the trip a remarkable one for you and again, here at Forward Travel we pride ourselves on being true South American experts.

What to expect in Machu Picchu?

Machu Picchu Trip

Starting with a visit Cusco, a city in the southeast of Peru, spend a few days exploring the Urubamba Valley deep within Andes. There are several highly renowned archaeological sites within proximity;along with thecobbled walkways and colonial buildings, Cuscoallows you to experiencethe rich history of this fascinating corner of the world.

Then there are those ancient ruins to explore. Peru is home to an extensive range of historical monuments, as you can appreciate, Peru has a long and interesting history, being well pre-Spanish conquest.

Then there is Ollantaytambo – the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Home to the Pisac Markets, this is where you can purchase local art and handicraft.

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So, you see, Peru has so much more to offer than Machu Picchu. Talk to the experts and find out how you could be experiencing everything that Peru has to offer.

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