why nepal is considered as the paradise for trekkers
Why Nepal is Considered as the Paradise for Trekkers

There was a time when trekking solo in Nepal was forbidden. However, things have changed over the years. Nepal is now the paradise for the solo trekker as well as for groups. Experiencing of the soaring and mystical snow-covered mountains, rough yet beautiful terrains, jaw dropping landscapes and raging rivers originating from these soaring peaks has been alluring trekkers from the western world for over 50 years now. Apart from soaring and remote mountains, one can also experience so much more of nature’s blessings— fields, farms, forest, ancient cultures and rich wildlife.

For the trekkers, the land throws open challenges in several forms. A person can opt for a ‘moderate’ to the ‘toughest’ trekking pushing their bodies and fitness to limits they may not have achieved before. The rewarding part of visiting Nepal is that the person will always find themselves rejuvenated irrespective of the type of walk or trek they choose.The article focuses on the reasons why Nepal is considered the paradise for the group/solo trekking.

Nepal- A House of Trekking Regions

nepal- a house of trekking regions

Possibly nowhere else in the world would one find the diverse trekking experiences found in Nepal. This mountain kingdom hosts mainly three trekking regions — the Khumbu valley or the Everest region, the Annapurnas and the Langtang. For the trekking enthusiast, Nepal treks are the ultimate expedition experience that involves a lot of thrills and rewards. Every now and then, one can experience something special; almost magical. Trekking in Nepal leaves you with a certain sense of feelings that can’t always be explained. Nepal is both magical and mystical.

Adventure Awaits at the Tea Houses

adventure awaits at the tea houses

Nepal is known for its welcoming culture, and this is abundant all through the country. Nepal is full of tea houses. For obvious reasons, hotels can’t be found at the higher altitudes experienced in Nepal, so Tea houses are dotted all through the mountains.These serve as rest spots during treks, and after a long day on the trail, the sight of a teahouse and the thought of a warm tea, or hot chocolate is sure to lift the spirits and make you forget about any tiredness you may be feeling in your legs. Basic, yet practical, the tea houses are your sanctuary against the elements, and provide the body with a well-earned night’s rest.

Explore New Trekking Spots

explore new trekking spots

Nepal is best experienced in the Autumn and Spring, (Sept – Nov & Feb – Apr). Nepal has a monsoon season, so trekking during May to Aug, the skies are not clear, so the jaw dropping views won’t be available. Nepal has some famous routes to trek, and these will always have trekkers wanting to do this, but this small country is far from conquered, and if you are a true adventurer, there is plenty to yet be discovered. Pick a bearing on your compass and start walking. You never know what you might discover.

Discover the Serene, Pristine Lakes

discover the serene- pristine lakes

Nepal is known for having some of the deepest and the largest fresh water lakes. If you are trekking in the Western Nepal, then Rara Lake is the must visit spot. Western Nepal is relatively untouched by tourists yet, but it is slowly getting exposed. If you’re looking to experience the real Nepal with no western influence, western Nepal should be in your sights.With stunning scenery, untouched cultures. Disappointment just isn’t possible.

Annapurna and Langtang

annapurna and langtang

Nepal has a bounty to offer trekkers. For the person looking for more of a cultural experience as opposed to just trekking, visiting the different regions of Annapurna and Langtang will provide this. Walking through small villages with terraced gardens to Rhododendron forests, the scenery and experience will be very different, but not less rewarding than trekking the Everest region.

Everest Base Camp Trekking

everest base camp trekking


The Everest region is one of the most remote areas and is one of the toughest sites for trekking in the world. For most people trekking the Everest region is going to be once in a lifetime experience. The experienced trekkers from Forward Travel provide all the training and instruction to ensure that the Everest base camp trekking remains the safest yet a thrilling experience. Make no mistake though, that trekking the Everest region takes careful planning.


Nepal is, undoubtedly, the country where trekking was born. With so many summits and valleys to explore, the country is the perfect spot for all adventure seekers. Every step takes you closer to something special. Some people say that you should travel to Nepal and loose yourself in the mountains, but we a Forward Travel feel that’s not true. You should go to Nepal and find yourself amongst the mountains.

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