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We first travelled to Nepal nearly 20 years ago and the amazing scenery and meeting the wonderful locals are still some of our warmest travel memories.

This mystical, mountainous land has been luring travellers since opening up in the 1950s. Spectacular landscapes await you and centuries old traditions will transport you back in time, while the warm smiles you’ll receive throughout Nepal will capture your heart. A mecca for trekkers, visiting Nepal introduces a haven for wildlife and spiritual travel.

Terraced rice fields, farms and forests dot the Annapurnas, with glaciated mountains and high trails filling the Everest region, all watched over by the mighty peaks of the Himalayas.

There’s more than trekking though; the low lands are lined with thick jungles, home to thriving birdlife, elephants and the elusive tiger.

Kathmandu beats to the bustle of modernity fused with a spiritual heart steeped in ancient rituals and temples, and the ever-present towering peaks of the magnificent Himalaya provide a stunning backdrop.

Treks vary in type, from moderate, requiring a fairly good level of fitness, to difficult, requiring a high level of fitness.

Our Nepal trips are operated by one of Nepal’s most professional operators, with over three decades of experience in the region. Whichever trek you choose, you’ll come away feeling rejuvenated, having peace of mind and a very different perspective on the world in which you live.

We want you to fall in love with Nepal just like we did. We want to give you lasting memories of soaring mountains, raging rivers, fertile valleys and friendly people, knowing that just by being there you made an impact on its future.

Forward Travel - Annapurna Nepal

Annapurna Region

Located in north-central Nepal, the Annapurna region offers jaw-dropping views of the surrounding valleys and of the Himalaya mountain range with some of the world’s highest peaks.

Whether you’re a hard-core trekker or simply looking to experience the local way of life in rural Nepal, the Annapurna region will leave you wanting more.

Nepal - Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park

Of the 14 National Parks in Nepal, Chitwan is the oldest and most popular.

Situated in sub-tropical lowlands, Chitwan is home to many endangered species such as the one-horned rhino and the royal Bengal tiger.

The best way to take in the panoramic views is on safari, on the back of an elephant.

Forward Travel - Everest Region

Everest Region

The Everest region of Nepal, otherwise known as the Khumbu, is located in the north-east of the country and is a must-do for the avid trekker.

The magnitude of the peaks you trek through is truly magnificent and you will leave with an enlightened view on life, for this really is a magical place.

Forward Travel - Gokyo Lakes Nepal

Gokyo Lakes

Located at an altitude of 4,700-5,000m above sea level, these lakes form the world’s highest freshwater lake system. Gokyo itself consists of a number of lodges and stone walled paddocks, and yaks can be seen grazing on the surrounding hillsides.

Forward Travel - Kathmandu Nepal


Kathmandu is a city that will trigger a sensory overload. Presided over by enormous snow-capped peaks, and with agricultural pastures, red brick buildings, ancient temples and numerous religious worshippers of different faiths, the Kathmandu valley is a real eye opener.

Forward Travel - Mera Peak Nepal

Mera Peak

Get on top of the world; climb Nepal’s highest trekking peak, Mera Peak (elevation 6,476m) with stunning views of Everest and the Himalaya region. The view from the summit is one of the finest in the Himalayas, with five 8,000m peaks visible. The standard route from the north involves high-altitude glacier walking.

Forward Travel - Mustang


The Mustang region is located in the north of Nepal, and borders China and Tibet. Once cut off to tourists, Mustang was opened to foreigners in 1992 and visitation is still strictly regulated today with permits being required.

This once hidden kingdom offers an insight into times of past and cultures that were once thriving.

Forward Travel - Pokhara Nepal


Pokhara is Nepal’s third largest city and is also the gateway to the Annapurna region.

Known for beautiful mountain views and its lakeside setting, it offers a welcome relief from the hustle and bustle and temple viewing of Kathmandu.

Pokhara offers many outdoor opportunities including swimming, kayaking and white water rafting.

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Khumbu Valley Nepal


Nepal is, undoubtedly, the country where trekking was born. With so many summits and valleys to explore, the country is the perfect spot for all adventure seekers. Every step takes you closer to something special.

Chitwan National Park


If you are a wildlife lover, and if you are looking to experience the wildlife of the Himalaya, then you really need to make Chitwan National Park part of your plan.

Annapurnas Nepal


The grandeur of the snow-covered Himalayan peaks, icy glaciers, waterfalls, verdant forests, pristine lakes – all add to the exquisiteness of the location.

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