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Already trekked the Everest region of Nepal? Or is this your first time to Nepal and you can’t decide between Everest and Annapurna?

We’ve been covering a bit on the Everest region, but let’s not dismiss the Annapurna. With the team at Forward Travel, you will be able to explore the different options and benefits of the different regions in Nepal. Located in north-central Nepal, the Annapurna region will give you the views of some of the highest peaks of the world, without physically being amongst them.

You can get misguided by the claim that outside of the Everest region of Nepal, especially the Annapurna region, there is no hardcore trekking.

Don’t be misguided; the Annapurna Region will give you both challenging and relaxed walking, with the added benefit of being at lower altitudes. We have put together some of the places that should be included in your list while you are planning for your Annapurna region trip.

Paragliding in Annapurna

Adventure Sports – Keep Your Spirits High!

Are you an ardent lover of adventure sports? If so, your tailored trip to Nepal with Forward Travel will fulfil your craving for some of the most exceptional adventure sports that are available. Of course, they are not for everyone, but none-the-less a great way to start or end a trip. Perhaps, start with choosing to bungee jump where you will lose your breath as you drop down vertically for almost 70m, a drop that lasts a mere five seconds.

It will almost feel like a free fall experience.

Paragliding and Zip Lining are two other adventure sports that will awaken you and make you feel alive. Paragliding is most definitely something to consider, as the views you will experience are something you would only otherwise experience from physically flying in an aircraft.

Jhinu Hot Spring

Jhinu Hot Spring – Take a Dive to Feel Alive

We all know that long days on the trail can leave the body feeling weary. The mind might be feeling relaxed and refreshed from being out amongst these amazing mountains, but the body feels the stress. The Jhinu hot spring is the ideal place where you can do just that. Shed those trekking boots and sweaty socks, and take the plunge coming out feeling like new in mind and body.

Poonhill Sunrise

Get Views of a Mystic Sunrise from Poonhill

A must, without question, to include is Poonhill. Poonhill is every bit a must see in the Annapurna while visiting the Everest region.

Sunrise at Poonhill is something magical.

After an early rise and short hike to the lookout point before the sun comes up, you will be able to experience the sun kissing the Himalayan range.

The light is almost mystic as it changes colour, changing from red to yellow. This experience alone makes a trip to the Annapurna and early morning rise worth it.

Watching the first rays of sun spread all over the Himalayan mountain range is undoubtedly a heavenly feeling, and you should not miss it if your itinerary permits.

Forward Travel - Lakes at Pkhara Nepal

The Enchanting Lakes at Pokhara

Pokhara is known as the lake city. You may not visit all the lakes, but there are six popular choices that you should try to see.

Phewa Lake is one of the most popular and likely to be one of the biggest lakes that you will visit. Seeing the reflections of the mountains will leave you jaw-dropped and wondering if what you see are reflections or whether they are the mountains themselves.

Apart from Phewa, Begnas Lake, Maidi Lake, Dipang Lake, Gunde Lake and Rupa Lake should be on your list.

Sorted out your list but still need more information? Or just can’t decide as you want to see and do everything? Get in touch and let Forward Travel help you plan the most exclusive Annapurna trip that will give you the best experience.

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Khumbu Valley Nepal


The rewarding part of visiting Nepal is that you will always find yourself rejuvenated, irrespective of the type of walk or trek you choose.

Forward Travel - Must visit Sites in Nepal


Nepal is one of the most diverse destinations on the planet and is blessed with innumerable gifts of nature.

Chitwan National Park


If you are visiting Nepal for a trek, or if it is just to experience the culture, don’t overlook Chitwan.

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