northern lights – get ready to tick off your bucket list
Northern Lights – Get Ready to Tick off your Bucket List with Forward Travel

Northern Lights – Get Ready to Tick off your Bucket List with Forward Travel

Some people say, it as sheer luck to get the chance of experiencing the northern lights, while others say that it requires careful planning.

Both sides are correct. There is no guarantee that you will see the Northern Lights at any time, but some planning is required as the lights are not visible year-round.

The team at Forward Travel, believe that one thing is for sure. You should have an excellent travel plannerwith you who will guide you in the right direction as to when and where best time to seek out this marvel of nature.

But, why the Northern Lights? Well, if you dig into the bucket list of any wanderer or traveller, you will find a line, ‘experiencing the Northern lights’ listed there. It is such a geographical phenomenon that you cannot afford to miss.

What is the specialty of Northern Lights?

the specialty of northern lights

A splash of pink, blue, green in the starry dark sky – that is what you get to see as you plan for the Northern Lights. It is almost like the curtains on a theatre stage. Imagine the curtains opening, but the curtains are not cloth, they are these giant size magical colours swaying across the sky.

Science explains it as an electrically charged atmosphere.When the gaseous elements from the sun get electrically charged and enters the earth’s atmospheric zone, the northern lights are being formed.

Whatever the reason, experiencing the Northern Lights will undoubtedly be the show of a lifetime.The show will speak for itself, and the reason it happens won’t be so important, but having experienced it will.

Let us give you some interesting insights about the northern lights that will be inspiring enough to book a trip now.

It is constantly changing

it is constantly changing

Can anything be better than this? It can be bright neon-green paint strokes or red rainbows in the sky. It means your experience of watching the northern lights can differ to that of the others. What you may experience can be completely different from a person who has attended two years back, or even 24 hours prior. The hues painted on the sky keep on changing, and you will never know what is in store until until you see it.To quote Forest Gump; “ Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what’s inside “ Well, the Aurora Borealis is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get.

Fast Fact: The most common colour of the northern lights is yellowish green. It takes place when the electrically charged elements hit the oxygen layer. The red is not that common, and you must be fortunate to experience it. While the yellowish green light gets formed 60 miles above our head, the reddish hue is formed above 200 miles.

A milestone for the nature photographers

a milestone for the nature photographers

Every travel photographer wishes to click something in his/her life that is worth sharing with the world. Capturing the Northern lights is a very rewarding achievement, as it requires a certain skill and photographicsense. So, whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer, capturing such a wonder of nature will leave you feeling very satisfied.

Canada is getting prepared for Northern Lights

canada is getting prepared for northern lights

The middle of August and September is when you should book your tickets for Canada if you want to experience the northern lights at its best.One of the best places to go Aurora spotting in in Yellowknife. A remote destination within Canada, but worth the extra effort to get there.Let’s not forget, Canada has some of the most exquisite wildlife also. So, if you want both at the same time, don’t delay your booking.

To spot the Aurora in Europe, you would need to travel over winter, as they are best sighted inside the Arctic circle, and July – Aug are summer months in Europe, and having long summer days, the lights aren’t visible.
Whether Canada or Europe, the Aurora Borealis is a not to miss experience.

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