Whether you are a seasoned hiker or a novice seeking an easy intro to trekking, Patagonia hiking trips are among some of the best in the world. And you aren’t limited to just a few hiking tracks either. You are spoilt for choice with each region of Patagonia offering its own path to experiencing this spectacular destination.

Forward Travel - Patagonia W Trek Tours

Patagonia W Trek Tours

If you’ve heard anything about hiking through Patagonia it’s likely that you know that the W is a popular tourist trekking spot.

It is arguably the most popular and famous Patagonia hike.

The W is a four to five day, 76km journey where you will have views over the amazing natural wonders of Torres del Paine.

The mammoth massifs that rise out of nowhere, the hanging glacier over Almirante Nieto Mn and Mirador Britanico where you will find the most astounding view on the trek.

While trekking The W, you have options to stay in hotel or cabin accommodation and camping is also a popular choice.

Cabanas Los Cuernos, located at the base of Los Cuernos is possibly the most charming site you will find on the trek. After a long day of hiking you will love to rest and recover in its outdoor hot tub that comes with a view only worthy of Patagonia hiking tours.

The O is another one of the best treks in Patagonia. This is a 93km trek that takes seven to nine days, taking in The W and beyond. It is a less popular Torres del Paine trek due to the length so a good option if you have the time and want to avoid the tourist masses.

Forward Travel - El Chalten Glacier Hike

El Chalten Glacier Hike

If you want to hike through majestic glaciers, Los Glaciares National Park El Chalten is the place to do it. Here you can enjoy mountains, lakes, forests and ice all in the same trip.

The Viedma Glacier hike is a more challenging hike and off the tourist trail than many of the other Patagonia hiking trips. There is no age limit for this hike so it is perfect for older travellers who are quite active.

Forward Travel - El Calafate Trekking Tours

El Calafate Trekking Tours

Another popular glacier hike located in El Calafate is well worth a mention – the popular Perito Moreno glacier. This is one of the more popular Patagonia glacier hikes so you will encounter more tourists on this path.

The glacier is 30km long, 5km wide and a striking 60m high so it is quite a sight to behold.

The trek has an upper age limit of 65, regardless of how fit and active you are, so this is something to keep in mind.

Forward Travel - Hiking through Patagonia

Hiking through Patagonia

Hiking through Patagonia is easily the best way to immerse yourself in the region and enjoy its magnificent landscapes and wilderness.

With dozens of national parks and reserves and trails to suit every interest and ability we can help you find a trek – or two, three or four – that will be the highlight of your Patagonia adventure.

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