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Don’t let the vast array of hiking tours in Patagonia put you off the region – it really is so much more.

The sheer grandeur of the natural wonders is luxury enough… but when you pair that with the luxury Patagonia hotels, that is where the magic happens.

At Forward Travel we recommend that our travellers make the most of their time in Patagonia by indulging in luxury in Torres del Paine and then heading to El Chalten or El Calafate for hiking.

However, Patagonia without hiking offers an equally magical experience… how could anyone walk away from a day of Patagonia sightseeing viewing the Torres del Paine Massif or the Marble Caves without being affected by their magnificence?

Luxury Patagonia Hotels

Explora Patagonia in Winter Mountains

Explora Patagonia

Explora is the benchmark for the complete Torre del Paine experience. With a seriously high attention to detail, Explora offers the most indulgent Torres del Paine stay.

Explora is the only luxury hotel located within the Torres del Paine National Park.

If you are after views of the breathtaking Torres del Paine Massif, this is the place to find them.

The hotel encourages a minimum four-night stay because they believe you need at least that long to truly experience Torres del Paine.

On the luxury front if the spectacular location isn’t enough, the hotel has a country club feel that creates a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

Explora also has more than 50 carefully planned and guided excursions offering you the most in depth experience of Torres del Paine with stunning views of the surrounding glaciers, lakes and mountains.

Patagonia Camp

Patagonia Camp

How do you feel about sleeping in a yurt?

Patagonia Camp is the first luxury camp in South America and it is phenomenal.

From within your beautifully decorated yurt you will be able to hear the sounds of the wilderness around you, staring up at the stars as you fall asleep each night.

Set in a native forest, you can enjoy watching and listening to the many bird species that live in the region. This is Patagonia sightseeing with a difference and you truly won’t want to leave!

Lounge at Awasi Patagonia

Awasi Patagonia

If you are seeking a completely private luxury Patagonia escape, Awasi Patagonia will deliver.

The oversized suites (80sqm) are the most indulgent in the area and offer the ultimate in comfort… not to mention the views!

Awasi tailors each guest excursion to the guest – much like what we do at Forward Travel – so you can indulge in a completely personalised experience.

the lodge at alle Chacabuco

The Lodge at Valle Chacabuco

Blending beautiful scenery with lush lodge comforts, this lodge is our favourite hidden gem. A 6hr drive from Balmeceda brings you to Parque Patagonia, one of the world’s greatest conservation projects.

Spend your days hiking, or exploring, and nestle into overstuffed sofas, lounge by the fire, or venture to the patio by night to view an endless spread of stars.

Tierra Patagonia pool

Tierra Patagonia

In Patagonia, it is always about the views.  And that’s what you get at Tierra. The stunning architecture of the building combines with a superb location on the edge of the Torres del Paine National Park to create a perfect storm of luxury.  There are two common areas, one combining a restaurant, bar and lounge, and the other offering a space to relax and simply take in the view.

Our hot tip for the Tierra is to book a superior room, unless you want the bathtub in your bedroom…

The Singular at Patagonia

The SIngular

It’s no wonder The Singular has a reputation as one of the best hotels in South America. It is more than just a hotel… it is an experience in itself.

The service is superior and the scenery mind-blowing.

If you wish to relax, enjoy and indulge, The Singular is the perfect place to do it.

Room at Eco Camp

Eco camp

In the heart of Torres del Paine, EcoCamp is the world’s first dome hotel all about providing an innovative and unique experience to visitors.

Built to respect the natural surrounds of the breathtaking Torres del Paine, EcoCamp is also 100% sustainable for travellers wanting to reduce their environmental footprint.

Rio Serrano room at Patagonia

Rio Serrano

Rio Serrano is located on the western fringes of the Torres del Paine National Park giving guests easy access to some of the quieter scenic hiking trails in the park.

When you are at the hotel, enjoy the facilities… spacious lounges with huge windows and open fires, relaxing after a day of exploration.

Or take our advice and book one of the few balcony rooms so you can sit at peace on your own balcony taking in the amazing landscape around you.

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