Why Should You Plan a Trip to Patagonia With Forward Travel?

Planning to get out of the mundane life and do something adventurous?

Team Forward Travel welcomes you with open arms and takes the pledge to guide you to a place that will enthral you from within.

Have you given a thought about the southern part of South America that is Patagonia?

Amazing wildlife, unique climate and strong diversion in the geographical area – all of these are sure to add uniqueness as you plan your South America holidays with us. On the one hand, Patagonia offers you the chance to taste the adventure by a trek through the glaciers or go for white water rafting.

On the other hand, you can also have the thrill of enjoying the wildlife and at the same time do nothing but have a relaxing time near the coast. Such perfect amalgamation of so many options makes the trip to Patagonia a unique experience in its way.

The incredible ancient landscape of Patagonia. A very long way to go but totally worth the effort.

We will prove to be your best travelling partner on this journey and let you fulfil all your fantasies. Spring, being the best season to visit the place, we will provide you with all the tour details in advance and make your trip a successful one.

Now, it is essential for you to know why you should include the plan to travel Patagonia on your wish list. Go through the following to learn about the experiences our previous clients have secured and shared with us. It will further inform you about the thrill you are going to have very soon.

“Walking Through the Glaciers Is Something That Can’t Be Missed.”

One of our clients has shared that the best part of their trekking was walking through the glaciers. While you are making your way through the ice water, you need crampons. If you are wondering what crampons are, these are nothing but the spikes attached to the boots while you walk in the ice and don’t skit.

Don’t worry as we are there to make sure that you don’t fall hard on the ice and conclude it in the same way just like our former clients have reacted.

“Los Glaciares National Park – You Will Be Mesmerised.”

Wish to enjoy the mountains, lakes, forest and ice in the same trip? There is no better option than Los Glaciares National Park. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations of Patagonia along with the overall South America tours, and we will guide you through the adventurous meadows. Team Forward Travel is aware of all the corners of the park, and therefore we will make sure you don’t have anything left behind to experience the beauty.

“Patagonia – a Great Opportunity for the Photographers.”

Most of our clients who travel with us every year have a camera with them. Evidently, all of them make their way back home with some incredible pictures of this picturesque land. Patagonia is so much enriched with natural beauty that the photographers will not be able to let go off any single moment.

If you believe that the landscapes during our Antarctic expeditions were phenomenal, you are yet to taste the best. The diversity in nature is so ravishing that you will be thoroughly delighted and get the value of each of your spent penny on us. Join Forward Travel and get the most of the next adventurous trip to Patagonia.

In November 2017 you can explore the Marble Caves on our Undiscovered Patagonia, a collaboration with Great Walks.

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