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You’re a travel enthusiast who is tired of reliving your mundane life over and over. That annoying alarm at 8 a.m. the nightmarish traffic, the painful small talks and those annoying people at work to make you beat… Ugghh.

You want to break free from the daily grind, and what better way than to embark on a delightful excursion.

Have you ever thought South America, how about Brazil?Known as the Samba Nation, it is one of South Americas most welcoming countries, that is full of special wonders. And a visit to it will just be what the doctor ordered for you!

Prepping For Your Big Tour…


  • You need a travel Visa prior to visiting Brazil:


If you are travelling to Brazil on an Australian passport, then you are required to obtain a visa.Forward Travel can assist you with all your visa needs and what you will be required to provide with your application.

  • Get a Clear Reading on Its Temperature:


The weather in Brazil varies greatly. In some states; you could need a jacket, warm socks and even a scarf.

Plus, Brazil being a tropical country; you can expect to find rain in some regions too. Lying in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are opposite to the USA and Europe but are like Australia. Summers happen in January, while winters take place in July. So,do some research and know all about its temperature when you plan to travel.

  • Respect Their Religious Beliefs:


80% of Brazilians are Roman Catholic. This establishes the fact that a huge part of Brazil is full of Christians.

So, when you are travelling to their country, try not to anger the locals by being disrespectful to their religious beliefs!

  • Be Prepared to Have Lots of Rice and Beans:


Beans and Rice are staple meals in Brazil. You will of course be able to find all kinds of worldly foods in the major tourist destinations.

The locals love Churrasco (barbecue) as well as Japanese meals such as Sushi rolls (Temaki) – filled with rice and your preferred kind of fish.

  • Learn Some Portuguese:


Brazilians don’t speak too much English. They speak Portuguese (not Spanish) as does the rest of Latin America. Try to learn a few words of Portuguese, it helps when trying to communicate in shops and restaurants.

  • Inform Your Credit/debit banks of Your International Travel:


Remember to inform your credit/debit card provider about your international travel. With this; your bank will mark your card and allow you hassle-free access to your money when exploring Brazil.

  • Plan Your Trip Between March to November:

Brazil trip

If you are planning a trip to Brazil, then choose between March to November. The weather is less cool and less humid.

Avoid visiting from December to February as the country receives a massive amount of rain.

  • Get In Touch With a Reliable Tour Planner For a Hassle Free Trip:


Most importantly, contact a reliable tour planner to handle your tour plan. For your convenience, we at Forward Travel¸ tailor make our itineraries to our clients needs, fitting their timeframe and budget

Some of the area we recommend as must visits are, The Ilha Grande

  • The Iguassu Falls
  • The Brazilian Amazon Region
  • The Pantanal- the largest wetlands approx. 210,000
  • Rio De Janeiro
  • Salvador De Bahia

If you want to discuss more about your Brazil trip; you are welcome to contact Forward Travel. Our representative will be happy to answer all your questions.

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