A retired Hairdresser exploring the World

Suzanne travelled a lot in her early 20s. But as the story so often she goes, she got married and had children, so the travelling stopped. Fast forward 40 years, Suzanne received an inheritance from her mother and has been spending it on travel ever since.

Suzanne worked as a hairdresser and raised her kids as a single mum, so she views the travel she does now as reward for all of her years of dedicating herself to her family and her hairdressing business.

Now the sky’s the limit for Suzanne… and for the last ten years, Rose has been taking Suzanne from her home in Orange NSW to destinations she has only ever dreamed of, sometimes joining her on the journey.

Rose in planning a Trip

“She knows me so well”

In the years since she has taken a number of trips that Rose has planned.

“Rose knows her clients. Because she knows me so well now she can now just make suggestions for destinations I could visit. I trust her advice…

And I always do end up loving what she suggests.”

Suzanne first started booking travel with Rose in 2009 after she spotted an ad in the corner of a Rotary magazine.

A Family travels together

Families that travel together…

Suzanne is currently saving up to take her granddaughter to Antarctica – a trip she has already done with her son and his partner, taking in South America at the same time.

When Suzanne’s son Conrad heard that this was a trip Rose was going on with Suzanne, he jumped at the chance to join them.

Her other son and his wife also booked a trip to Vanuatu through Forward Travel when their daughter was only 10 months old.

And her daughter in law’s parents used Forward Travel to book a trip to China, which Suzanne credits as showing Rose’s deep understanding of her clients.

“My daughter in law’s parents are farmers from country NSW and they were visiting China with friends who are orchardists. Rose found orchards for them to visit while there and a local guide who understood the Australian farming culture.”

Visit Antarctica - Buenos Aires

Hiccups happen

The reality of travel is that hiccups can and do happen. It’s how you deal with them that makes the difference.

While travelling through Buenos Aires, someone ripped the gold chain Suzanne was wearing from around her neck.

Thankfully, she had her secret weapon with her.

Usually Rose is just a phone call away but on this occasion she was actually travelling with Suzanne.

“Rose knew exactly what to do. I wouldn’t have known to go and report the incident to the police station but Rose did. This was the proof I needed for my insurance claim.”

Expectations exceeded

Suzanne recalls a particular trip that she took to Canada. While in Yellowknife to see the Northern Lights Rose recommended she take an optional extra flight on a seaplane for a picnic on a remote island.

Canada Trip - Expectations Exceeded

“It was just brilliant. We looked out of the seaplane and could see a little brown bear swimming across with her cubs. We landed and clambered out of the plane to see all of this amazing food all laid out. There was a big cask of coffee and a superb morning tea. It was next door to a waterfall and just fabulous.

Rose had said we would love it but it seriously exceeded my expectations from what Rose said. It was bloody well worth the money!”

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Client Story - Cuban Adventure


The greatest reward for us is hearing about our clients’ epic adventures when they return from their journeys… and then working with them to start planning the next one! Travel is in our blood and sharing that with our clients is what gets us out of bed every morning.

An A class Cuban Travel


Ron and Chris are retired grandparents, making the most of their retirement by travelling the world. When a couple who they had previously travelled with asked if they were interested in a trip to Cuba, their interest was immediately piqued.

South American Travel Experience


Greg and Jane have travelled the world together. Now retired, they have always planned and booked their own adventures. Greg books the flights, trains, cars and creates the entire itinerary for their holidays.

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