Adventures in cruising from Scotland to Iceland

Adventures in cruising from Scotland to Iceland

Rose is a traveller, not a tourist. Whenever she travels, she seeks out adventure and excitement… experiences that will enrich her life and shift the way she views the world.

And there is nothing like cruising to some of the most remote parts of Scotland and Iceland to leave you in awe and change your perspective on the world… even if you are one of the lucky few who has travelled through most of it before.

Forward Travellers aboard The Resolute

In fact, since Rose returned from her expedition cruise, we’ve heard about nothing else!

Rose spent 12 days travelling with 22 other Forward Travellers aboard The Resolute.

We asked her to share her top five highlights of the trip with us…

… she gave us five highlights from each day of the journey… so we’ve just narrowed it down to five, total! If you want to know more, you’ll just have to give her a call.

Skara Brae on The Orkney Islands

Skara Brae on The Orkney Islands

“I usually keep a very open mind about what I will take away from each journey I go on, but I seriously underestimated the massive history lesson that was waiting for me.

Skara Brae is a 5000-year-old village that we visited on the first day of the cruise. It was battered by huge storms in 1850 and then again in 1925, which uncovered the village. It has been preserved remarkably well after having been buried for thousands of years.

One thing I realised while visiting Skara Brae was just how lucky we are to be able to experience history like this. And how important it is that we preserve these snapshots in time for future generations of travellers to experience.

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

So… I do normally discourage our travellers from venturing too far onto the well trodden tourist paths because that’s generally not where the treasures lie. But there are exceptions… and The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is one of those exceptions.

This place was packed with tourists, which would normally be enough for me to turn around and walk the other way… but I loved every minute of the experience. I popped on my face mask, drank the free drink and enjoyed the phenomenal view as I sank into the geothermal seawater. Take me back!

Westman Islands

Westman Islands

Imagine that you are woken in the middle of the night and told you need to evacuate the island you call home because lava is flowing out of a crack that has opened up in the earth… that’s what happened to the people of the Westman Islands in 1973.

Volcanic explosions have shaped much of the landscape in Iceland and the 1973 eruption on the Westman Islands completely changed this little island just off the coast of Iceland.

Other than being a fascinating site of living history, we had a wonderful experience visiting a puffin colony, went fishing and learned about the world’s newest land mass that formed four years after a volcano erupted under the earth in 1963.

Nature and wildlife

Nature and wildlife

Wherever I travel, I’m all in for whatever nature and wildlife the destination has to offer… and this trip seriously did not disappoint.

The beauty of travelling to these remote locations was that often our only company was the local sheep and cows happily grazing amongst the ruins.

Cruised through lava tunnels

We cruised through lava tunnels, getting a history and geography lesson on the way… if only this was how kids were taught these lessons at school!

On one of our explorations, I crossed a small bridge over a loch and watched as a pair of swans parted to reveal three cygnets floating alongside them. As an avid photographer, I had my camera at the ready and was able to capture the moment. It was truly magical and something I would never experience if I stuck to the tourist path.

The Resolute

The Resolute

There is cruising… and then there is expedition cruising… and they are two very different experiences. Think of expedition cruising as a cruise for travellers, not tourists.

The One Ocean Expeditions cruise that we were travelling on was the first of its kind. We visited remote locations that rarely see travellers…

…places that are so sparsely populated you can walk for days and not pass a single settlement. This is really travel at its finest… and part of the reason why we started Forward Travel all those years ago.

Comfort of a lovely ship

I loved that travelling on The Resolute we got the best of both worlds. The ship only carries 140 passengers so it was quite an intimate and personalised experience… but we still had the comfort of a lovely ship.

Our guides did an amazing job of tailoring our daily expeditions to what we were interested in. And the benefit of travelling by ship, as we did, is that we had access to destinations that would otherwise be unreachable. We visited places that are so far off the tourist trail most travellers would never even know they existed.”

Rose loved the journey so much that she wants more of our clients to experience it for themselves. So, in 2020 we are taking another small group of travellers on this same 12-day journey. You can view the full itinerary and pricing here. There are limited cabins available so call us now to book your place.

As one of our travellers who joined Rose on the cruise said:

“We loved the cruise. The cabin was great, the staff members were fabulous. I guess the most important thing is we’d do it again and would recommend it to others.”

Kerri B

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