Forward Travel - Bolivia

Standing in the middle of 11,000km² of salt flats, you lose all perspective of size, distance and direction.

East and west join, north and south combine and even the sky and land seem one. History and culture buffs will be engaged by the rich traditions in South America’s most indigenous country.

Wild and diverse are the words for Bolivia. Nature lovers will feast on the high-altitude highlights of Lake Titicaca and the sublime Uyuni salt flats.

Abundant in natural beauty and rough around its edges with breath-taking sights of the La Paz Valley, Bolivia deservingly stands as one of South America’s most dazzling countries.

Truth be spoken, Bolivia is not as developed as most South American countries. This adds to the charm of visiting Bolivia. Visitors can still get a sense of exploring, rather than just visiting. Whether it’s exploring the starkness of the Uyuni Salt Flats, the mystical Siloli Desert regions, its famous Inca Trails or Lake Titicaca, Bolivia promises an exhibition of dramatic landscapes and astonishing spectacles.

There’s always something unique about each country you visit in South America, and Bolivia is no different. So, if you are an avid traveller wanting to explore the nooks and crannies of one of South Americas jewels, then let the following whet your appetite.

Some Stunning Panoramic Views of Beautiful Bolivia - A Heart-Felt Retreat

Bolivia - Madidi National Park


Madidi National Park is regarded as one of the most biologically rich regions in Bolivia. And if you are a lover of flora and fauna, then the Madidi National Park is your pleasure dome! Be prepared to feast on the high altitudes and gaze upon the enchanting Uyuni salt flats.

In terms of history and culture, Bolivia is South America’s most indigenous nation.

Be it the ancient artefacts, appeasing national environment or rich vein of wildlife, Bolivia will prove to be the chief highlight of your South American travels.

Bolivia - Uyuni Salt Flats


Imagine strolling with the rest of your travelling gang upon a 3,650m salt desert? The only word that could come out of your mouth is ‘WOW’!

This surreal stretch of desert land exudes its own charm upon your heart. You can appease your eyes with its mixed salt pans, wind-eroded rocks, extinct volcanoes and even rendezvous with the inhabiting flamingo family!

To help you get an idea, the Uyuni is the largest salt desert on the planet and when you are there, standing admiring its isolation, you will be left spell-bound.

Bolivia - Lake Titicaca


From the largest salt desert to the largest navigable lake on the planet (3,825m), Lake Titicaca encompasses over 10,000km2!

Lake Titicaca borders Peru and Bolivia.

Titicaca is full of mysticisms and as per local legends, it is the birth place of the Inca Empire.

Now home to the Uros islands, (islands made of floating reeds), Lake Titicaca should be on your itinerary if visiting Bolivia.

Bolivia - La Paz


This is the highest capital city at 4,000m, and the moment you reach this special part of Bolivia, you will be left in awe.

La Paz comprises narrow, steep streets, and with buildings crooked and colourful, La Paz is literally where the old world meets the new. People from the modern world and 21st century way of living walk along streets with indigenous people still living as their ancestors lived many generations before.

If you love to shop, then you can purchase your desirables from its local markets and for all the foodies in the group there will be numerous eateries to visit.

Bolivia beholds never-ending wonders. It will introduce you to some spectacular visuals that you will rarely find elsewhere.

Some experiences are so big that they are sure to remain embedded in your mind forever. A trip to Bolivia will stand as one of those awesome travel experiences. So, when sorting out your South American trips, make sure that you include this awesome little country.

You will cherish every second spent in Bolivia for life!

Forward Travel - Tiwanaku Bolivia


A pre-Columbian archaeological site 72km west of La Paz, it is believed to have been one of the most important civilisations prior to the Inca Empire.

Its ruins are shrouded in mystery as to how, why and by whom it was constructed.

Bolivia - Yungas Road

Yungas Road

Mountain biking on Yungas Road, Bolivia, is a death-defying experience through mountainous terrain and terrifying precipices.

Descend rapidly down the twisting roads, navigating through tiny villages and past drug check-posts as you try to glimpse the quickly passing scenery.

The cloud then closes in as you enter the jungle and a 1,000m sheer drop is your nearest neighbour. Give thanks and rest upon arrival at the bottom.

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