A Fascinating Trip in Brazil

Brazil’s beauty and vibrancy are hard to match.

It really has a bounty of nature’s finest work, (including the locals) and man’s architectural masterpieces.

Search for elusive wildlife in virgin forests and waterways in the Amazon, Pantanal or Iguazu, lose yourself in cobblestone laneways in towns of yesteryear, shake to the samba rhythms at fabulous restaurants and bars in the cities, or find your own paradise along the 8,000km of coastline.

Brazil - Iguassu Fall Brazil side

Iguassu Falls

Ninety percent of the falls are in Argentina, so the Brazilians say they have the best view. They do have the excellent bird park on the Brazil side as well, and to make your visit even more impressive, stay at Hotel das Cataratas inside the National Park, giving you access to the falls before the crowds arrive.

Brazil - Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande

If Rio is the lively, loud and proud, glamorous beach metropolis, then Ilha Grande is her very distant cousin, surprisingly close at just four hours away by bus and boat.

Peaceful and serene, with no cars, banks or phones, this is a picturesque, undeveloped, relaxing paradise.

Ilha Grande is a place to disconnect from the world.

Sailing, swimming and spa treatments occupy your days and the fabulously fresh seafood in the beachfront restaurants take care of the nights.

Brazil - Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro

Spectacularly surrounded by mountains, lush rainforests and white sand beaches, Rio is as beautiful as the locals are.

She is unfairly endowed with many graces; confidence abounds, music dances through her veins, and her famous features of Corcovado, Sugar Loaf, Copacabana and Ipanema are the envy of other cities.

You could almost be jealous of how good Rio is, but before you realise it she has got under your skin and you are hooked.

Forward Travel - Salvador de Bahia Brazil

Salvador de Bahia

Salvador, the African heart of Brazil, beats to the frenetic rhythm of the capoeira drums. A large thriving city, it is Salvador’s brilliantly colourful historic centre of Pelourinho that lures visitors. A maze of cobbled lanes hiding 17th Century plazas, gold laden churches and buzzing cafes, this is the best preserved colonial architecture in the Americas, and the magnificent baroque design and gold-leaf interior of the São Francisco church is a stand out example.

Tourists arrive in Brazil for the ultimate break


Have you ever dreamt of visiting a place that provides mind boggling biodiversity, a rich kaleidoscopic culture, photographic landscapes and a never-ending vivacity?

Well, there is one place where experiencing all of these is a certainty, and that place is Brazil!

The largest country in South America, Brazil is one of the most fascinating places on the planet.

Brazil is home to an abundance of attractions, both man-made and natural, from its tropical islands rich in corals, rumbling waterfalls and deep ravines, to the primordial colonial ruins of its yesteryear.

Brazil is also home to the Amazon jungle, the lungs of our planet. Here, one can also experience first-hand just how big and vast the Amazon Jungle is, alive with prosperous biodiversity and home to some of the world’s most precious flora and fauna.

Brazil, the fifth largest country in the world, sees many tourists visiting its shores, arriving from all over the world. The country presents to its visitors not only its beaches, but also savoury dishes and the heart going pit-a-pat over the gusto of the nightlife. People are drawn to Brazil, because the land is SUBLIME, SERENE and SCENIC! The following are some of the reasons why Brazil should be considered as a destination to visit.

Forward Travel - A Tropical Wondereland

1. A Tropical Wonderland

If you are an avid nature lover, then a visit to the tropical Amazon rainforest of Brazil is going to be a lifetime experience for you. The Amazon basin has half of the world’s rainforests.

If you want to glimpse toucans, capybara, sea turtles, scarlet macaws or pink dolphins, then visiting Brazil is necessary for your travel wish list. Experts believe that 20% of all the world’s bird species live in the Amazon Jungle.

Rio de Janeiro Brazil South America

2. Brazil Carnival

If parties and celebrations are your thing (and even if they aren’t), you should still consider Brazil for its carnival. Carnival – the country’s biggest festival brings the entire country to a standstill. With dancing and singing to the tune of the unique percussion instruments round the clock, jaw-dropping costumes and an atmosphere that must be experienced to believe, Brazil’s carnival should be on any true traveller’s list of places to see.

Forward Travel - Rio de Janeiro Brazil

3. Enticing and Exciting Urban Brazil

If you are visiting Brazil, it is suggested not to pass an opportunity to visit the cityscapes of Salvador De Bahia and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s two most happening cities.

The energetic Rio is something that most people who visit this city take some time to realise. The city tells the story of how cheerful the Brazilians are!

Night or day, visitors witness a city that, to the outsider, could seem to be in permanent holiday mode. Rio is vibrant and alive. There is fun all around with Cariocas and gringos with the traditional Brazilian samba and jazz adding a cherry on the top of the cake.

Salvador has a vibrant and impressive collection of colonial buildings, a lot of which are UNESCO world heritage sites. Visitors to Salvador get an opportunity to stroll down stone streets, giving feelings of stepping into days past, imagining how life once was in this thriving city of pastel shaded houses bordering its roads. Salvador is home to the most decorated Baroque church in Brazil: Sao Francisco church.

Forward Travel - Reasons why you should visit Brazil


When planning a trip to South America, visiting Brazil is something that you shouldn’t overlook if possible. The offerings of Brazil to its visitors are some of the must-see places of South America.

Be it the natural or architectural beauty – Brazil has it all.

When one thinks of Brazil, wildlife and festivals are what comes to mind, but there is so much more to experience in this, South America’s largest country, and the world’s fifth largest.

Brazil is so much more than the Amazon. It has a fantastic nightlife, celebrating the national dance of Brazil, the samba. Music, fine dining in restaurants dotted along a spectacular coastline, wildlife of the amazon jungle and the Pantanal (the world’s largest wetlands), spectacular festivals, the most famous being Carnival, and old colonial architecture. Brazil is also that elephant in the room too, having been colonised by the Portuguese and not the Spanish as the rest of South America was.

For these reasons alone, Brazil is a must for your itinerary when planning a trip to South America.

Forward Travel - Iguassu Falls

Meeting of Waters – Brazilian Amazon

The Brazilian Amazon is undoubtedly what comes to mind when thinking of experiencing wildlife at its best. There is wildlife abundance for sure in the Amazon, but given the sheer size, it isn’t the best place to experience wildlife.

For, where would you even start?

Well, the guys at Forward Travel can answer that question for you and have done in the following section. However, there is something more fascinating awaiting you in the Amazon.

It’s the “meeting of waters”, a natural confluence of two rivers that are the Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes. The two different colours of the rivers create a distinct point where they meet. While the former is dark black coloured, the second river is of a sandy colour. The colour contrast is something that makes the view more magnificent. This is an impressive sight indeed.

Forward Travel - Pantanal Brazil

The Pantanal – Find the Wildlife

You can come to Brazil over and over again to explore the beauty of its wildlife. Yes, the Amazon is home to spectacular wildlife, but given its size, spotting it isn’t easy. But to be guaranteed a personal and up-close wildlife experience, you need to visit the Pantanal.

Geographically, the Pantanal is the world’s largest tropical wetland, covering 70,000 square miles. Can you imagine? This is a huge area! It’s as vast as Washington State.

Although in most cases, the Pantanal is often compared to the Amazon rainforest, the fact is the Pantanal has the highest concentration of wildlife on the entire continent.

It has jaw-dropping bird life; in addition, you will be able to experience jaguars, piranhas, howlers, giant anteaters, snakes and capuchin monkeys. The list is too long to write. Moreover, you will also be able to witness the largest snakes in the world, the anaconda. With the team of Forward Travel helping you plan, you will be able to explore the best of Brazil and what it has to offer.

Forward Travel - Attend Rio Carnival for the ultimate fun

Attend “Rio Carnival” for the Ultimate Fun

If you want to take a break from the wildlife and discover another side of Brazil, the biggest carnival in the world is awaiting your presence.

Every year, around two million people attend the carnival held in Rio de Janeiro. It is registered as a Guinness record holder for being the biggest carnival in the world.

It’s like the entire population of Brazil descends on Rio and takes part in the colourful samba parade, along with the local communities from the favelas. This is one major party.

Carnival generally occurs just 40 days before Easter. You can be a part of the celebration too as you go for a trip with Forward Travel in the coming year. Time permitting, visiting this colourful and enthralling carnival is a must. Your trip to Brazil will remain incomplete if not experienced.

Final Words

Brazil can easily be combined with its neighbouring countries, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador and Peru. Talk to Forward Travel to create your dream package and what you should be seeing to get the best experience possible from your trip to South America.

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Rio de Janeiro Brazil South America


Known as the Samba Nation, it is one of South Americas most welcoming countries, that is full of special wonders. And a visit to it will just be what the doctor ordered for you!

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