Peru - Rainbow Mountain

Images of Machu Picchu and the Inca Empire lure people here, but the country is blessed with so much natural beauty, ancient rituals, and fine food, that you’ll come back with memories you never dreamed of.

Experience Peru properly and you’ll discover a wealth of different worlds, all with their own individual landscapes, sounds, colours and tastes; travel back in time to ancient civilisations and share the great cultural heritage of the Peruvian people.

Many destinations and experiences such as Peru’s coast and mountains can only be explained by seeing them in the flesh. The beating heart of its roots and destinations.

Peru - Cusco


The sacred capital of the Inca Empire, Cusco is the oldest continuously inhabited city in South America. The boarding place for the Inca marvel of Machu Picchu, Cusco is filled cobbled streets lined with the remains of exquisite stone walls built by the Inca.

A few days is definitely required to explore and soak in the atmosphere to really prepare you properly for your visit to Machu Picchu.

Peru - Inca Trail

Inca Trail

The Inca Trail is by far the most famous trek in South America and is rated by many to be in the top 5 treks in the world.

In just 26 miles (43km) it manages to combine beautiful mountain scenery, lush cloud-forest, subtropical jungle and, of course, a stunning mix of Inca paving stones, ruins and tunnels.

The final destination of the trail just cannot be beaten: Machu Picchu, the mysterious “Lost City of the Incas”.

Forward Travel Lake Titicaca

Lake Titicaca

Noted as the highest navigable lake in the world, at 3,825m, Lake Titicaca covers 10,000 sq/km is shared by Peru and Bolivia, and is a revered and mythical place.

Legend tells that the founders of the Inca Empire, rose from the waters to create the ancient civilisation.

The Uros Indians today still live on floating islands in the lake, believing they are the descended from Inca royalty.

Peru - Lima


Crowded, foggy and noisy, Lima is not top of the list of South American cities, but it is historic and home to the best of ancient and modern Peruvian culture. Take a guided tour through the historic areas and then finish with a fabulous Peruvian feast at a waterfront restaurant.

Forward Travel - Machu Picchu Peru

Machu Picchu

As you journey through the 42km Sacred Valley of the Incas leading to the famous citadel prepare to be astounded, and be grateful that it lay hidden for so long, preserving its beauty so that one day you could glance upon it with your own eyes.

Peruvian Amazon

The Peruvian Amazon is the fourth largest expanse of tropical rainforest in the world and preserves some of the most diverse fauna and flora on earth.

Forward Travel - Sacred Valley Peru

Sacred Valley

Peru’s Sacred Valley stretches north from Cusco along the fertile riverbank to Machu Picchu.

Named for the richness of its soil, the valley was a thriving garden for the Incas, and their presence is noted all throughout.

Ollantaytambo is a buzzing little village on the doorstep of Inca ruins and the boarding point for trains to Machu Picchu The village of Pisac is 30 minutes from Cusco and , in our opinion has the best shopping of any of the valley markets.

Peru - Arequipa


Peru’s ashlar (white stone) city is surrounded by snow-capped mountains, volcanoes and deep canyons. It is renowned for gastronomy, small coves and beaches. Nestling between the coast and the southern highlands of Peru, Arequipa is the land of great destinations with heights on snow-capped peaks.

Forward Travel - Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon

The canyon is four hours from Arequipa. The road to the valley runs across the slopes of the Chachani volcano, and fields where alpacas and viscachas run wild.

The valley reaches a height of 4,350m, and includes mysterious cave drawings and is perfect for camping and hiking.

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Forward Travel - Machu Picchu Trip


What is Machu Picchu? Not only is Machu Picchu one of Peru’s’ most iconic sites, it is one of the most iconic sights anywhere in the world.

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