South American Travel Experience

Greg and Jane have travelled the world together. Now retired, they have always planned and booked their own adventures. Greg books the flights, trains, cars and creates the entire itinerary for their holidays. They are not afraid of exploring. But then they decided to venture to South America… and they were stuck. With the language difference and a limited knowledge of the area, Greg didn’t feel comfortable making all their plans as he usually did. On the recommendation of a friend he contacted Rose at Forward Travel.

South American Itinerary

Given his experience in booking so many of his own travels in the past, Greg emailed Rose with information about their past travels.

The types of activities they enjoy and avoid while travelling, plus an idea of what they were looking for with their trip to South America.

All questions that Rose would ask a new client to help plan their dream journey.

“Forward Travel aren’t your shop front travel agency. It’s a different experience to working with a regular agency. Very little of what we did was part of a package – we were putting together pieces of a puzzle to make our own trip.”

It didn’t take them very long before they had locked in an itinerary.

Trustworthy Partners

Trustworthy partners

Greg and Jane had a high level of trust in Rose from the beginning.

The Forward Travel team were very responsive and able to accommodate Greg and Jane’s needs and beyond.

Rose helped them with things like paying in foreign currency and sharing her knowledge of destinations plus her local contacts in South America to ensure a smooth journey.

“Rose’s knowledge and experience of South America were excellent. She has obviously travelled to South America more than once and can talk from first hand experience about what we were planning to do in relation to activities and accommodation. That’s why I was happy to use Forward Travel.”

Rose to the rescue

Rose to the rescue

Separately to the booking Greg and Jane had made with Forward Travel, they had already booked a cruise to Antarctica.

Rose had planned the rest of the South American trip around this cruise.

But three months out from their departure, the cruise was cancelled.

Rose immediately got to work plugging the hole left by the cancelled cruise to ensure that Greg and Jane’s journey flowed seamlessly. Rose replaced the Antarctica cruise with a five-night cruise of the Patagonian fjords then a trip across to Torres del Paine where the couple could pick up the rest of their itinerary.

Patagonian Highlights

Patagonian highlights

In Patagonia, Greg and Jane stayed at the luxury explora hotel. They had known about the explora before they started planning the trip and asked Rose to include a stay on their itinerary. “The explora was memorable in terms of physical location, activities and level of service. It is worth every cent you spend.”

Another highlight of the trip was something that came on Rose’s recommendation – a trip to El Calafate and El Chalten on the Argentine side of Patagonia. As Greg and Jane prefer to get off the tourist trail and were looking for more outdoor experiences, Rose suggested hiking in the area and driving from El Calafate to El Chalten. Jane was concerned about the drive but in the end it was a truly memorable and enjoyable experience.

Value for money

Value for money

For this usually independent couple who organise their own travels, they recognised the absolute value of working with the team at Forward Travel. 

“I got a lot of value out of Forward Travel in terms of assistance from Rose and the team. The confidence that I developed through the process that things would be organised well was high and they certainly delivered.”


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