heaven for wildlife explorers
Why Is South Georgia Considered To Be The Heaven For Wildlife Explorers?

Here are some insights for you about South Georgia that will get you excited and enthusiastic about a trip to this natural and untouched haven.

Quick Facts about South Georgia

quick facts about south georgia

  • There are over 30 million breeding birds found in South Georgia and among those 7 million are penguins.
  • Among the overall world’s population of southern elephant seals, almost half of them reside in South Georgia.
  • South Georgia is considered one of the most crucial places for penguins and seabirds to breed in the world.
  • Along with the Falkland Islands, South Georgia is home to at least 250,000 albatrosses.
  • Over 2 million fur seals reside in South Georgia.
  • It is unmatched in terms of the numbers when it comes to the density of wildlife amalgamation in the world.

The statistics speak for themselves, South Georgia is a not to be missed destination.November to March is the ideal time for visiting South Georgiaas breeding season occurs over this period, allowing for maximum experiences put on by nature.

But, that is not all. A few other things are there that makes the place worth visiting for every nature lover.

Up close with Whales

up close with whales

South Georgia has a dark history regarding human settlement there. South Georgia has in the past been one of the world’s major whaling stations, and although it’s past may be dark, the future is very bright. Apart from the mind-blowing numbers of land-based wildlife, South Georgia has numerous whale species in its proximity. Humpbacks are the most likely to be encountered, butyou will also be able to see fin whales and blue whales in South Georgia.

So, as we claim that Antarctica is a breathtaking banquet of wilderness and wildlife, the Falkland Islands and South Georgia are just as magnificent, giving you the best of the best that nature has to offer.

With Forward Travel, the polar travel specialists of Australia, your journey to South Georgia will be an extraordinary one. You will be exposed to the natural world like never before.

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