Spectacular Place in South America

From glaciers to rainforests, Wildlife to wide open spaces, from lakes to towering mountains, South America includes many beautiful ingredients for any travel enthusiast.

Nature’s beauty is everywhere, and that is what makes this continent an enchanting one.

If you are planning for a trip soon, here are some spectacular places in South America which you should not afford to miss.


The Beauty And Vibrancy of BRAZIL:

Brazil has a bounty of Mother Nature’s finest work, and coinciding with that, there are plenty of man-made architectural masterpieces which are worth lens-locking.

You can explore the elusive wildlife of the Virgin forests and waterways in the Pantanal and Amazon,or perhaps get lost in the cobbled laneways in Salvador.

And if that doesn’t suffice; you can always enjoy the 8,000km paradise-like coastline shaking to the rhythms of the Samba.

It is the biggest country in South America and visiting there will be nothing short of a festival.

The Galapos Island


If you are a true enthusiast of wildlife, then the Galapagos Islands is a haven and needs to be high on your list. The diversity of both plants and animals isn’t only impressive to see, what is even more impressive is the whole ecology of the Galapagos, and how flora and fauna have evolved and coincided in such are remote and untouched region.

The Galapagos is popular for underwater diving, water sports, whale watching and presents close encounters from Frigate birds, sea lions, blue-footed boobies, iguanas and more. The best part of visiting the Galapagos islands, other than its clear azure waters is that you have the option of exploring by boat, or being land based.


Rich and Diverse Country With Inspirational Landscapes – CHILE:

Chile is a traveller’s paradise having vibrant cities, exotic wineries, lush rainforests and spectacular mountains.

Chile also has volcanoes to explore and numerous veiled valleys to wander. And of course, there is also the stark Atacama Desert which deserves to be included on any itinerary.

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Diverse and Wild – BOLIVIA:

Bolivia is another destination which all avid travellers will be very happy to explore.

Its rich history, intriguing traditions and the high-altitude of the Uyuni Salt flats and Lake Titicaca, makes it one of the most indigenous locations in South America.

Whenever embarking on a trip to South America, these 4 spectacular places should be on your must-visit list. Each of them presents the true glimpse of the continent and exploring them will leave you with lasting memories and a true appreciation for the South America continent.

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South America is truly a globetrotters’ paradise presenting plenty of wonders and mysteries, now and then. It is time you delve it and experience it yourself.

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