Create your own path

That’s what we did back in 2013. We took the risk of working for ourselves so we could provide our clients greater freedom with their travel experiences. That’s how Forward Travel came about. Since then, we have helped more than 1000 customers to head off on their dream journeys.

The Treasures off the Tourists Trails

The treasures are off the tourist trail

Straight up, we are not about the tourist trail.

We’ll use it if it helps us get you from A to B, but the moments and experiences on your journeys are really found in the places just up the road and around the corner from where the tourists are gathering.

If you’ve ever been on a holiday and left wondering why you even visited a particular spot, you will understand why.

If you’d taken a ride five minutes to the next town, you probably would have discovered a restaurant that would have served you the best meal of your life. That’s what the packages on the tourist trail don’t sell you… but it’s what we specialise in.

Perfect travel experience

Your perfect experience

Your dream holiday isn’t the same as your neighbour’s…

…so why would you all sit on a bus together listening to the same guided tour?

Our difference is that we ask all the right questions right from the beginning to uncover exactly what it is that you want to spend your holiday doing and then we make that happen.

Greater experience not greater cost in Forward Travel

Greater experience not greater cost

The beauty of it is that you are only paying for what matters to you. There’s no stopping at endless museums each day if you only want to spend your time tasting the local food at each destination.

Our relationships with local guides allow us to offer you a better experience for the same price as a mass package.

We are travellers

We are travellers

How do we know that the superior double room facing the north side of the hotel has the best view? It’s because we have been there and we know the destinations we are sending you to.

We leverage our connections with our local guides so we can constantly uncover the hidden gems that you absolutely must see. With more than 50 years’ combined experience in the travel industry, we know that it is our duty to share our love and knowledge of the destinations you are travelling to.

Forward Travel - Attention to Detail

Attention to detail

We know what you want from your journey because we are excellent listeners… and we use our local experience to build the dream for you.

Now the success of your journey comes down to our meticulous planning. All you have to do is pack your bags and jump on that plane knowing that we have taken care of everything else.

There will be someone waiting to meet you on the other side with your name on a sign, ready to guide you on your journey. We know that it’s the little things that matter.

Where are you off to?

Our expertise is in tailoring personalised experiences and dream journeys, no matter the destination. We love a challenge so whether you want to trek El Chalten in Patagonia, cruise around the Maldives or escape to a wildlife lodge in Canada, get in touch so we can start the conversation.

Find your dream destination...

We know what you want from your journey because we are excellent listeners… and we’ve used our local experience to build the dream for you. Since 2013 we have helped more than 1000 customers to experience their dream journeys. Read about some of our clients’ awesome adventures.

Travel Planning - Discovery


When we work together, we put you front and centre of your travel experience. Unlike standard tourist packages, we focus on what matters to you as a traveller, rather than what is easiest or will earn us the most money.

Rose Toohey of Forward Travel


Rose is a traveller. Travel and exploration are in her blood – it is ingrained in who she is as a person. She has hitchhiked across Africa, enjoyed fermented camel milk with nomads in Mongolia, been swimming with manta rays in The Maldives, and been hosted like a princess at a cricket test in India.

A retired Hairdresser exploring the World


The greatest reward for us is hearing about our clients’ epic adventures when they return from their journeys… and then working with them to start planning the next one! Travel is in our blood and sharing that with our clients is what gets us out of bed every morning.

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