Top 3 Locations in Rajasthan to Give You a Unique Travel Experience to India

Architectural heritage infused with artistic creativity, bright hues, sparkling golden dunes, simple village life and a cultural vision that will mesmerise you – the real beauty and glory of Rajasthan lies in all of these. Evidently, all of it can be yours for 15 days as soon as your book your trip to Rajasthan with Forward Travel, one of the most culturally empowered places in India. The team will let you secure a memory that will be with you forever, as your experience of visiting Rajasthan with us is something that will be beyond your expectation.

But first, what and where is Rajasthan? Rajasthan is a state in northern India and borders Pakistan. The meaning of ‘Rajasthan’ can be derived if the word is broken into two parts that are ‘Raja’ and ‘Sthan’. The former stands for King and the second part ‘Sthan’ stands for the place – “A place for the kings”.

Evidently, royalty in everything is the core essence of Rajasthan, but that can never subdue the natural beauty, the simplicity of lifestyle and the cultural heritage that Rajasthan has. Let’s talk about some of such exclusive experiences you will have by visiting some of the prime locations of the place with us.

Jaisalmer – Dunes, Camels and Camping


Have you ever heard people say that some of the best sunsets are over mountains orcoastlines? A highlight of travelling through and exploring would be incomplete without watching the sun going down over the stretched sun dunes of Rajasthan. Sitting by a campfire, enjoying the food and music of Rajasthan in the evening will all add to your experiencing the traditional way of life in this remote corner of India. Maybe even take a camel ride and take in the mesmerising view of the never-ending layers of sand stretching as far as the eye can see.

Jaipur – The City of Forts


Jaipur is commonly known as the ‘Pink City’. However, as soon as you enter the city, you will realise, it should also be called the “City of Forts”. Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, the City Palace Museum and last but not the least, the Jantar Mantar observatory, are some of the must-visit destinations of Jaipur that should not be missed. Meanwhile, take a solo trip to the flower and vegetable market of the city to get accustomed and truly immersed in the culture and way of life.

Jodhpur – The Blue City


If you get on the top of a hill in Jodhpur, especially the Mehrangarh Fort tower, you will see why Jodhpur is named “the blue city”, for all the blue painted houses all across the city. You are going to enjoy a bright sunny day in Jodhpur. The grand hotels, reception halls and even the bedrooms of the hotels will give a royal touch to your stay in the city. And, of course, how can you forget to visit the fantastic market!

Final Thoughts

The list does not end here. Forward Travel will also take you some other cities of Rajasthan including Bikaner, Udaipur and Fatehpur Sikri. Check out our India travel packages for more inspiration on visiting Rajasthan. You can also add Agra to your trip plan, and visiting one of the worlds most famous buildings, “The Taj Mahal”. Call us to discuss or book your trip to Rajasthan, and experience a destination that will awaken all your senses.

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