Top 3 National Parks of India Welcome you for the Best Wildlife Safari

When your thing is exploring the wildlife of the world, India shouldn’t be dismissed without careful consideration.India is more than colourful Saris and desert forts. India has another side to its beauty; in fact, India’s wildlife offerings will leave you surprised. While it may not be Africa, it is very impressive.

The Big 5 of Indian Wildlife

While talking about the big 5 of wildlife, Africa without doubt comes to the front of the mind, but it’s not a reputation it holds alone. India’s big 5 includes tiger, Asiatic lion, Indian leopard, one-horned rhino and the Indian elephant. Spread across numerous national parks, wildlife spotting in India is a unique experience.

There are many National Parks across India, but the 3 we will talk about here are probably the biggest, thus offering the wildlife enthusiasts their best chance of successful encounters.

Gir National Park, Gujrat – Home of Asiatic Lion


Let’s start with Gir National Park in Gujarat.GirNational Park is a National Park that is completely open, providing a non-restrictiveenvironment for the Asiatic lions that can be easily spotted while taking asafari through this, their natural habitat.Gir National Park is the only area outside of Africa where you will find lions.

Not only will you find lions, but if you are a keen birder, you willfind more than 200 species of birds thriving under the protection ofGir National Park. Keeping your eyes peeled, you may be lucky enough to find Marsh crocodile, King Cobra, Russell’s Viper and many more reptiles.

Pench National Park – Have a ‘ROYAL’ Treat of Tigers


Pench National Park located in Madhya Pradesh offers delightful sightings of the spectacular Royal Bengal Tiger. Pench National Park is one of India’s more important National Parks, as it is home to many endangered species. The Bengal Tiger included.

There are approximately 25 Tigers in the park along with 170 species of birds including crow, pheasant, junglefowl, egret, magpie, robin and many more. Along with Tigers, you will alsofind some of the larger predators such as leopard, wolf, hyena, jackal along with animals such as wild boar, langur along with a herd of deer.

Given the low number of Tigers, spotting them isn’t a given, but when you do see them, the experience is worth the effort put in to find them.

Kaziranga National Forest – Time for One-Horned Rhino


Another animal that when we think of, we generally relate to Africa, But India has its own populations of Rhino. Not as big at the African two-horned Rhino, the Indian one-horned rhinos are still a magnificent creature. Visiting Kaziranga National Forest, declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCOhas everything when it comes to satisfying the wildlife buff.

The meadows of elephant grass and dense forests are the natural habitats of over 2200 Indian one-horned rhinos, making it one of the must-visit places to experience the wildlife of India, up close. Wild water buffalos, elephants and swamp deer are the other two species you will find in this national forest. Kaziranga is the home and breeding ground for all these animals. There is also a separate Tiger reserve and bird area in the woods that shouldn’t be missed.

Experiencing the wildlife of India is a unique experience. You’ll want to speak to someone who knows what they are talking about, an expert and professional when it comes to experiencing this side of India.

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