National Parks of Nepal
Top 3 National Parks of Nepal Awaiting You for the Best Wildlife Adventure

For any hardcore trekker around the world, Nepal is a place that does not need an introduction. Apart from being famous for offering a radiant view of Mount Everest, Nepal has a lot under its sleeves. Trekkers all over the globe get back their energy and feel spirited all over again as they also get the fantastic view of Annapurna region.

It has been logged by Nepal Tourism Department that almost million global tourists visited Nepal last year. Undoubtedly, the number will increase at the end of this year too. The appeal of mountains is always there in the place, but that is not all. The team Forward Travel, being one of the expert Nepal travel specialists has not limited themselves within trekking. Instead, they are all set to quench the thirst of wildlife lovers too.

Forward Travel will take you to the interior of Nepal, where the raw beauty of nature, old and wild trees, streams and of course, the sight of wild animals will take your breath away. Not everyone knows this, but Nepal is one of the most preferred places for wildlife lovers because of its incredible national parks.

Read on to find out the best national parks may choose to visit during your trip to Nepal.

Chitwan National Park – The Oldest and Wildest!




Chitwan National Park

The first name that pops up among the national parks of Nepal is undoubtedly Chitwan National Park. You will be thrilled if you can get a sight of one-horned Rhino in the park. The park authority has shown a tremendous success rate in the conservation of this rare species of rhinos. Believe it or not but the park has almost 600 rhinos in it. If you are lucky enough, you can also get a glimpse of the Royal Bengal Tiger too.

Bardia National Park – The Largest One


Bardia National Park

Your lust for wildlife expedition will be incomplete without visiting the Bardia National Park in Nepal. Globally famous naturalists have visited this park a lot of times for the long stretched nature walk. Karnali, known to be the longest river of Nepal goes through this park, and you can go for white water rafting in the river.

Apart from the view of one-horned rhino and Royal Bengal Tiger, you will be able to see 250 species of birds and more than 30 mammals. It is a place where you can expect to find some fantastic water animals including marsh-mugger crocs and Gangetic dolphins too. You can also go for fishing in this park. Can you expect more than that?

Sagarmatha National Park – Home of Mount Everest


Sagarmatha National Park

Do you want to take a different route and explore one of the most enchanting national parks of the world? Sagarmatha National Park declared as a World Heritage Site in the year 1979, will be able to excite you from the core.

Sagarmatha is full of glaciers, huge rocks along with deep gorges all around. The trees and wildlife around are different from that of the other trees you will find rhododendron, silver fir and juniper for sure.

Among the wild animals, you can have the chance to witness snow leopard, red panda, wolves, crimson-horned pheasants, impeyans that is also Nepal’s national bird.

Rounding up

With the plethora of destination choices that Forward Travel offers to you, Nepal is undoubtedly the fascinating one in the case you are going to take a deep dig into the wild natural beauty. Our tailored trips to Nepal will take you to your preferred places and also suggest some new ones too. Our experts are a call away from you for giving you the right guidance on this memorable trip you are going to book.

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