Travel Australia

It’s no wonder people from all over the world flock to travel Australia… we have such beauty and diversity to offer.

From our warm ochre red heart to the crystal blue seas around us, when you travel Australia, you have access to a full spectrum of unique and extraordinary people, places and experiences.

We have beaches, forests, mountains and deserts all waiting to be explored. We may not have the churches and castles of Europe, but we have some of the best natural wonders in the world, all steeped in their own magnificent history. Whether you love food, luxury, nature or adventure, you will find it all when you travel Australia.

Now is the time to explore our own backyard. We live in a destination so many travellers have on their bucket list… and, for now, it’s all ours.

We’re creating a series of small group Backyard Journeys, all designed with the trademark Forward Travel spin. We will take you beyond the tourist trail, into remote regions, rural communities and endless horizons.

We’re hoping to plan new journeys across Australia. Expect wildlife watching, walking and photography journeys as we travel Australia together.

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Tasmania Awakens

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Great ideas for holidays at home

This new collection of activities and accommodation brings you the premium experiences here in Australia

Mungo - The Guardian | Travel NSW | Forward Travel

Travel NSW by 4WD

Explore the wonders of NSW

Join us as we travel NSW by 4WD. Over 12 days we will go beyond the bitumen to explore magnificent rural NSW.

PS Emmylou - Murray River Cruise | NSW Getaway | Forward Travel

Murray River Cruising

Go with the flow on an boutique paddlesteamer

Let the rhythm of the paddlewheels and the bush bird chorus take you to a bygone era of romantic cruising.

Yanga National Park | Outback NSW | Forward Travel

Discover Outback NSW

Outback NSW is waiting for you

The rivers are running, the lakes are filling and Outback NSW is the best it has been in years.

A 4WD on a rough road

4WD Australia adventures

Follow your thirst for adventure

Now is the perfect time to 4WD Australia and see what our beautiful country has to offer.

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Australia takes on the world

Unique places to visit in Australia

Six unique places to visit in Australia to see the world at home.

Deserted road

The sky stars in Country NSW

The highlights from Rose's travels

Drive along empty roads through the world's biggest sky

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