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Rose and David have great relationships with the local tour operators in each country and are confident that you will be well looked after in each place. They love the researching and planning side of the holiday experience, which means you have more free time to just experience and enjoy your journey.  We stick to the places we know well and are very fortunate to have travelled to most of our destinations. This way we can provide expert advice and first-hand knowledge to help plan your trip.

Travel Destinations - Antarctica


Incredible icebergs, massive glaciers, rugged snow-covered mountains, curious penguins and fearless whales – there is so much to see in Antarctica… and it will all leave you in absolute awe. An Antarctica cruise is a popular way to see this phenomenal destination, or build a visit into a South American adventure.

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Travel Destinations - The Arctic

The Arctic

Polar bears roam amongst rolling hills, dramatic cliffs and sprawling tundra in The Arctic where a giant ice sheet links three continents. Marvel at the wonders of The Northern Lights and The Midnight Sun or explore the dazzling scenery of The Canadian and European Arctic stretching across the horizon.

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Quebec City, Canada


A vast and varied Country, Canada has as much to offer the adventurous traveller as it does the history buff or the wilderness lover. From the Rocky Mountains of the West to the museums of Quebec and Prince Edward Island – the home of Anne of Green Gables, Canada will surprise and delight, leaving you with a thirst for more on each visit.

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Gothenburg, Sweden


In Europe we can help you find the right hiking trails along the Camino, a cruise in Croatia, let you know when to walk the Charles Bridge in Prague or give you the keys to Santa’s Castle. Europe really does have something for everyone – it is a place of history and hiking, and a whirlwind of wonders.

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Unwind yourself in the Beauty of Iceland


Iceland is where glaciers reach for the skies, deep blue mountain lakes fill steep valleys and sharp green peaks rise on all sides. Tour in comfort or go trekking, ice climbing, jeep riding or travel on an Icelandic horse as you explore hidden hot springs in secluded valleys, fishing villages and lush farmlands.

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Travel Destinations - South America

South America

Enjoy the wildlife of the Amazon, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia and Bolivia. Spot the elusive jaguar in The Pantanal in Brazil, immerse yourself in the wonder of The Galapagos Islands or the white sand beaches of the remote Falkland Islands. South America is as diverse as it is colourful with trekking, culture, history and a warm welcome everywhere you visit.

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Travel Destinations - Argentina


The wonders of nature in Iguazu Falls and Bariloche combine with the sophistication of Buenos Aires to make Argentina a very impressive destination to visit. The home of the tango and an avid football nation, Argentina is a destination of diverse landscape and rich culture.

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Forward Travel

Falkland Islands

The Falklands are made up of sandy beaches, green pastures, and are the home to an array of wildlife. On The Islands you will find some of the rarest species of birds, including five breeding species of penguins. Southern Elephant Seals and Sea Lions also called The Falklands home. Despite its small size, the Falklands sure do pack a punch.

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Travel Destinations - Bolivia


From the high altitudes of Lake Titicaca to the sublime Uyuni salt flats, Bolivia offers as much in the way of history and culture as it does natural wonders. As South America’s most indigenous country, Bolivia is rich in traditions and a thoroughly charming place to visit.

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Travel Destinations - Brazil


Brazil’s beauty and vibrancy are hard to match. It really has a bounty of nature’s finest work and man’s architectural masterpieces. Lose yourself in the cobbled laneways of Salvador, shake to the samba rhythms in the cities, or find your own paradise along the 8,000km of coastline.

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Travel Destinations - Chile


Chile is a traveller’s paradise. The stark Atacama Desert gives way to rich wine lands and vibrant cities before morphing to lush rain forests and mountains. There are volcanoes to climb, cultures to meet and hidden valleys to wander.

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Travel Destinations - Colombia


Colombia is about more than just the coffee. Rich in culture and tradition, Colombia is bounded by coastline on the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans you will find archaeological sites, colonial cities and extraordinary people keen to proudly shop of their country.

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Travel Destinations - Ecuador


Nestled amongst the Andes you will find towering volcanoes, unique wildlife, diverse cultures and hidden Amazonian escapes. Ecuador may be one of the smallest countries in South America, but it is one of the most bio-diverse in the world. It is a land of contrasts that will leave a lasting impression.

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Travel Destinations - Patagonia


Patagonia is a hidden gem in South America that will honestly blow your mind. From the towering Massif at Torres del Paine that rises out of the land around it to glacier treks at the Perito Moreno Glacier or a luxury stay in a yurt, counting the stars as you fall asleep, Patagonia will continually amaze you with its unparalleled natural beauty.

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Travel Destinations - Peru


If you think of Peru you likely think of Machu Picchu and the Inca Empire… but there is so much more to this South American delight. It is a destination of great natural beauty, ancient cultures and rituals and tasty gastronomic delights making it a travellers dream.

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Travel Destinations - Nepal


The spectacular landscapes of Nepal are the backdrop to immersing yourself in centuries old traditions amongst a warm people that will truly capture your heart. Terraced rice fields, farms and forests dot the Annapurnas, with glaciated mountains and high trails filling the Everest region, all watched over by the mighty peaks of the Himalayas.

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Travel Destinations - India


India is constantly alive, with festivals, bustling bazaars and stunning scenery. Visit romantic Rajasthan, the backdrop for magnificent forts, palaces and remote desert camps or embark on a luxurious rail journey followed by a cruise on the serene waterways of Kerala. With the intoxicating blend of colours, smells, sounds and tastes, India will leave an impression like no other.

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Travel Destinations - Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has it all – a balmy tropical climate, dramatic sandy beaches backed by lush deep green forests, high-altitude hill-top hideaways, a diverse array of wildlife and traditional working tea plantations. Pretty villages and small towns sit sprawling along the coast or hidden deep into the countryside, its varied landscape dotted with important holy sites, temples and ancient ruins waiting to be explored.

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Tiger's Nest monastery


The remote kingdom of Bhutan is a magical delight. Ranging from subtropical plains in the south to subalpine heights in the north, this hidden gem will leave any keen traveller full of awe. Having been an absolute monarchy until 2008, this fascinating country, although keen to embrace the modern world, is also set on maintaining its traditional ways and cultures.

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A retired Hairdresser exploring the World

Retired Hairdresser to Global Traveller

Suzanne travelled a lot in her early 20s. But as the story so often she goes, she got married and had children, so the travelling stopped. Fast forward 40 years, Suzanne received an inheritance from her mother and has been spending it on travel ever since.

South American Travel Experience

South American Travel Experience

Greg and Jane have travelled the world together. Now retired, they have always planned and booked their own adventures. Greg books the flights, trains, cars and creates the entire itinerary for their holidays. They are not afraid of exploring.

Cuban Adventure

Cuban Adventure

Ron and Chris are retired grandparents, making the most of their retirement by travelling the world.

When a couple who they had previously travelled with asked if they were interested in a trip to Cuba, their interest was immediately piqued.

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