south america adventure with forward travel
A trip to CHILE-Unravel the South America Adventure with Forward Travel

If you are a true adventure lover, either by activity, or within your heart, and want to experiencesprawling glaciers and icy fjords, fertile valleys and deserts, soaring mountains and snow-capped volcanoes, beautiful forests and sandy beaches then CHILE should be a destination for you to seriously consider. This long thin country, located in the western side of the South American continent, offers a picturesque landscape to all the visitors. It is one of the reasons why for any avid travellers, Chile is always on their itinerary when it comes to touring South America.

Nature left nothing amiss when it created Chile. With the Pacific Ocean on the west, the Andes on the east; the Atacama Desert to the north, and Patagonia in the south, Chile is rich in all that nature has to offer.

Chile really is a country that provides the perfect feast for all types of travellers. Pristine clear skies in the Atacama, historic vibrant cities with some very notable wineries soothing the taste buds of the wine connoisseurs.

The following is a sneak peak of the different activities to experience in Chile —



The capital city of Chile, Santiago offers the coffee lover some of the best tasting coffee there is. Made from some of the finest cocoa produced on this coffee loving continent, you can relax at some of the popular cafes in downtown Santiago and watch the world pass by as you indulge your tastebuds.

Exploring the Geographical Wonders

exploring the geographical wonders

Chile boasts some of the most spectacular scenery on the planet. This is evident at places like Moon Valley, the Salar de Atacama, Salt Mountain, and the Geysers of Tatio. The impression these scenic places will leave on you will stay with you forever, as such beauty is never forgotten.

2. Adventure on the SNOW-CAPPED VOLCANOES

You’re feeling a bit more adventurous; then Chile has something to offer you too. How about snow-capped volcanoes. Chile is home to a vast number of volcanoes, so why not go for a walk or trek around some of these majestic peaks, or if you are up to the task, try climbing one. With the volcanoes coming in different shapes and sizes, it is something that one should consider doing while in Chile.

3. Explore some of the Nature’s best Natural Parks

explore some of the nature’s best natural parks

Chile as a country has realised that protecting its environment is something that is necessary. It has huge stretches of protected parklands to small-sized coastal rainforests that are protected. For this reason, visitors get to experience some of the best hiking and nature experiences they will get anywhere in the world.

Packing Up:

The list is too long to write about everything, but Chile is a perfect place for trekkers, wildlife lovers, scuba divers and pretty much all sorts of adventure lovers. Chile truly is an adventurer’s playground.

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