Unravel the Adventures Hidden in ‘11-Day ANTARCTICA’S MARINE MAMMALS’ Voyage

Antarctica- the continent that remains a dream destination for many explorers.

In fact, it tops theirpriority list. The magical world of Antarctica has some of the world’s greatest beauty, and visiting it still installs a feeling of adventure in its visitors. One can witness the unexplored charm of a breathtaking banquet of wilderness and wildlife. The icy walls encapsulating the still water gives you a glimpse of the silence that this majestic land holds. Have you ever hear the saying, “ The Silence is Deafening “, well this is something that is very true to Antarctica; something that is going to remain as a memory for a lifetime.

With several travelling agencies organizingtours to Antarctica, it is important to choose the right one. An agency like Forward Travel,organize some of the best voyages to Antarctica and ensure that their packages include all the necessary things that are going to make it an all-time favourite escapade. In fact, Forward Travel pride themselves on being more than just an agency selling packages to Antarctica, they are a consultancy, and they will consultant with you to find out what you are wanting to experience in Antarctica and guide you to the right product.

One such package, is the 11-day cruise “ ANTARCTICA’S MARINE MAMMALS “in which one can get to witness the whales and the seals of Antarctica in close proximity. Regarded as one of the best Antarctica cruises, it gives a person the opportunity to explore the wild, in an up-close experience.

The following are some of the key features of this tour–

Zodiac Excursions


Come close to the glittering glaciers and breathtaking ice-bergs on this voyage. The specialists from Forward Travel make every effort to bring you as much close to this white world on the Zodiacs.

In addition to this, witness the historic huts or the shelters used by the explorers of old, scientific research bases and whaling sites.

Wildlife Observation


When it comes to viewing the wilderness, there is no other place other than Antarctica. March is considered as the best time to tour Antarctica to witness the marine mammals at the height of their activity.If you are a marine mammal fan, and this is your prime reason to visit Antarctica, then march is the time to go.

Haven for Photographers – Both Aspiring and Professional


If you are one of those photographers who have a keen interest in wildlife, especially of the polar region, then it is going to be the best place.

For the resident photographers, it can be a rare treat to capture the wildlife of Antarctica.

Adventure Continues with Onshore Hiking, Sea Kayaking and Active Cruising

Antarctica Adventure

If you want to turn your childhood dream of “How do I travel to Antarctica” into an ‘enthralling’ one, then go for the sea kayaking. It is, in fact, one of the most inspiring and intimating ways to explore the marvels of this region; beside onshore hiking and active cruising. When it comes to hiking, one gets the opportunity to hike up onto the rim of the crater in Deception Island; Half Moon Island and Yankee Harbour in the South Shetland Island.


With so many options out there, from itineraries to different ships, choosing the right product to travel to Antarctica can be daunting.

You need to speak to a true specialist. Forward Travel have been to Antarctica numerous times and on numerous vessels, and at various times throughout the travel season. So, get in touch with the true professionals and make sure you get your experience right form the start.

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