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The time has come for you to tick your wish list in the coming year and fulfill your prolonged dream of going to Antarctica.

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Any Antarctic explorer should voyage to the Antarctic peninsula. But also visit South Georgia Island, with its untouched wildlife and beauty in abundance, and the Falkland Islands. The Falklands are home to some of the region’s sub-Antarctic species, giving you the chance to experience what visiting the Antarctic peninsula alone wouldn’t.

Now is undoubtedly the time to be acting on your thoughts and looking at visiting what must be the last true wilderness on the planet.

But, before that, let us give you some of the highlights that can be experienced, either as part of or in combination with Antarctica to allow you to feel like a true explorer.

Explore South Georgia

South Georgia

Stunningly beautiful and isolated, South Georgia is not easily forgotten.

Glaciers up to 170km long cover more than half of the island. The vision the glacial ice, snow covered peaks and emerald green bays will take your breath away.

In St. Andrew’s Bay and Salisbury Plain, hundreds of thousands of king penguins fill every available space, sharing the sands along the water with elephant and fur seals.

Sir Ernest Shackleton is synonymous with Antarctic exploration and his epic voyage to South Georgia is legendary. Many travellers enjoy the chance to drink a toast to ‘The Boss’ at his grave in Grytviken.

Forward Travel - Patagonia Explore the Rugged Wilderness

Patagonia – Explore the Rugged Wilderness

Is Patagonia in Antarctica? No, it’s not.

However, it is an exotic location that comes on the way to Antarctica. Both the north and southern parts of Patagonia offer a distinct landscape.

Where the north of Patagonia offers forests, lakes as well as volcanoes, in the south, you will be able to come close to Torres Del Paine National Park, a place where your wanderlust will take another dimension.

Visit Antarctica - Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands – Where Penguins Await Your Presence

Your Antarctica trip will be incomplete if you don’t seriously consider a visit to the Falkland Islands. Almost more British than Britain itself, the Falklands are almost stopped in a time warp. With white sand beaches filled with immense wilderness, it is an awesome place.

The Falkland Islands are home to the King Penguin, making them a must-see destination. The King Penguin is a sub-Antarctic species, so you won’t be able to see these guys in Antarctica.

Climbing the hills on the islands, you will find some other species of penguins that aren’t in Antarctica. We will also take you to Stanley’s pubs where you will get a touch of rural Britain. With the exotic view and a glass of warm beer in hand, you will feel at home, far away from home, and that is something incredibly unique.

Visit Antarctica - Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic Peninsula – Icebergs, Wildlife & Glaciers

What more is there to say on the Antarctica Peninsula? The heading says it all. Antarctica is abundant with more than one species of penguins, whales, seals and birds. With floating glaciers and pristine scenery, if the peninsula is the only place that you can fit into your schedule or budget, then “Do Not Miss It”.

Seize the moment and experience one of the things that cannot be explained with words or pictures. Antarctica is something that needs to be experienced first-hand to truly appreciate what it is all about.

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Up close with Whales


South Georgia has a dark history regarding human settlement there. It has in the past been one of the world’s major whaling stations, but although its past may be dark, the future is very bright.

Hairdresser to Traveller


Suzanne travelled a lot in her early 20s. But as the story so often she goes, she got married and had children, so the travelling stopped. Fast forward 40 years, Suzanne received an inheritance from her mother and has been spending it on travel ever since.

Antarctica Cruise Adventure


Antarctica – the continent that remains a dream destination for many explorers. In fact, it tops their priority list. The magical world of Antarctica has some of the world’s greatest beauty, and visiting it still instills a feeling of adventure in its visitors.

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