Beauty of Canadian Rockies

Are you looking to visit; what could be heaven on earth? Are you eager to taste the raw nectar and the beauty that nature has to offer, its serenity and purity at its best? What better place can you find on earth than the Canadian Rockies?

The Canadian Rockies are anabode of peace and tranquillity, miles away from the civilised world and the hustle and bustle thereof.

It will bring out the true nature-lover in you, awakening up that wanderlust in you from its slumber, making you crave for more!!

Canadian Rockies

What is the Rockies like?

The Canadian Rockies is famous for a series of iconic natural features. On top of the list are the eight national, as well as provincial parks, pregnant with a wide range of flora and fauna.

The region has some of the most fascinating alpine forests and is dotted with picturesque mountainous towns and hamlets.

One of the best ways of enjoying this raw beauty is to take a train and a coach ride, which takes you right into the heart of that pristine beauty. The Canadian Rockies include Banff, Lake Louise and Canmore with their pure beauty, the limestone peaks standing up against a clear blue sky, milky waterfalls, the riot of colours set off by seasonal flowers down slopes of the cliffs. And there are of course…. those icy glaciers!

So, imagine just how a train ride that runs right through the middle of this heaven would feel like. For that, you need to chat with the best travel company possible, one which will let you feel the perfect combination of rail and coach ride through jaw-dropping part of the world. What better option can you get than Forward Travel?

Train and Coach Tour

The Train and Coach Tour

If you are to take a train ride, it’s ideal to start from Vancouver, which will allow you the chance to explore this picturesque city. You can take the train ride from Vancouver all the way to Kamloops. This leg of your visit to the Canadian Rockies by rail will take you to this south-central British Columbian city, where your eyes will experience the majestic view of the Kamloops Lake.

Continue your journey to Jasper, in Alberta, a city located at the confluence of the Miette River, between the Northwest Victoria Cross Ranges, Indian Ridge, Maligne Mountain and Pyramid Mountain.

Get on to a coach tour from here, which will take you to Lake Louise, and then from there to Banff. This is where you can take a gondola tour. This typical cableway ride will take you to the lap of the Rockies, and to the peak of the Sulphur Mountain.

It’s ideal to finish off by taking a Canadian Rockies coach tour, that will take you from the Banff to Calgary. This will give you the best of the Canadian Rocky regions. Some companies may give you other options, but this is one of THE BEST in our opinion, which will open the beauty of the Canadian Rockies to the entirely.

Hence get in touch with us at Forward Travel, we will guide you in the right direction and together, we will discover exactly what you want to discover on your trip to Canada.

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